This is what we mean

When players can get top spots for the entirety of the beachball/ sombrero/ shell event and even spend 25+ dollars specifically on this event without any added side items, and still not get a single toon or item to show for it, it’s a perfect example of why players are not just agitated, but angry with this game.

For those who have fallen short of pulling any one toon (not for lack of effort, but for rng), and for those who have obtained a toon and continued to accumulate unusable event resources, I propose a simple collection series to make players’ efforts and spending worth it. It would be a show of good faith that would go a long way towards pleasing loyal players.

The collection:

Any 100 items (shell, beach ball, sombrero) = 5 legendary ascendance medals

Any 1000 items = 50 legendary ascendance medals.

Each redeemable infinite times while the collection lasts.

I hope you consider this.




Not wishing to sound mean but I can’t help feel it’s Darwinian Selection at work.

Anyone who is so easily parted from their money by this game is probably not destined to have any.

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I am 300 beach balls away from Elodie, only halfway to Harper and not even close to Ivanova. I’ve placed mostly Top 15 in solo events, Top 50 in the remaining few and 1st or 2nd in faction events. I will get 2 more pulls after this level up.

Yes, it’s frustrating but the toons are equally as frustrating. Elodie is the only gen 2 toon and she’d be my 2nd gen 2 green along with useless Jackson. I don’t don’t even see where’d I use her. She’d probably sit unused on my roster where the other two definitely would.

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