This is what scopely wants

It is obvious that scopely try to force veteran ftp or casual spenders to quit playing the game.
The reason why scopely try to cut down the number of players is not something that should actually interest us the players. What should we focus is how to react on such a practice after all those years of playing this game.
Don’t try to rationalize or explain why scopely is doing this or not doing something else… Scopely is simply following a plan to cut down the number of free to play players.
Accept it and you will find serenity.


You don’t want them but you definitely need them unless there will be no war or anything as you won’t be able to fill for war

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I was paying each month the monthly pass 10 euro plus an average of 10-15 at various small offers. I guess this makes me a casual spender… But this was before, when there was logic, there was hope for a balanced game. When this all was lost and the gap has become gigantic then I stopped everything and simply keep walking and waiting to see where this whole path will lead

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I mean, I am curious as to why :thinking::thinking: I don’t like being told something and then the follow up reason to be “it’s not the players concern”


Because they need fresh spenders to rinse of all their cash.?
And don’t need people who remember the good old days of this game hanging around?
Only new players who only know this game for the busted,bug filled broken down state it is in now so they think it’s the norm?🤷


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