This is the worst deal ever

It was $5 for 800 points last time… Wtf scopely

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Said this on another post to this offer:

Even still, 800 points wouldn’t be bad

It’s unnecessary so I’d say bad but whatever

It’s still a better deal than 65 for $4.99 lol

Better than unnecessary is still… unnecessary?

What are you trying to say

800 BP tokens were kind of worth it just to boost the numbers up but 65 points is a big fat no from me. Im almost at level 25 already so i dont mind leaving this joke of a deal anyway

You have made quite some use of the BP deals in the first BP season, right? I remmber someone with a very similar avatar sighing about the finite milestone and how it would be good to have use for excess tokens…

Seems that Scopely heard you out, but in their own “evil genie” way - providing extra tiers, but with abhorrent deals to reach them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Who are you speaking of

i bought i think 2 of the deals last battlepass, was well worth it as i used them on this one.

theyve corrected the mistake, its 800 tokens once again