This is the best event ever

Just kidding. It’s the worst one yet. But give it time, you’ll one-up this one with an even worse one.


I agree. Worst event ever.


It’s not the worst event ever. It’s just very eh. None of the prizes are in very rewarding amounts.

Big subtraction marks for the assault mission though, can’t wait for the faction to devolve into arguing about that :roll_eyes:


Speaking of this event, the opening a five star recruit mission is annoying. I don’t want to open ten.


I always open mine as soon as I get one. I ascend often.

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Open basic tokens. Plenty of fodder there to ascend with.

Which event was worse?


Doooood! Wtf! Ahhh i cant with that picture! Ahhhh! Its in my head!!!


4th Anniversary by far. Required you to put significant effort in for the milestones before finally revealing it had dangled first stash completion just out of reach unless you bought some extra stuff.


Oh true I forget about Shitio

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wait is this Halloween pull?
I got a burt
I want 35 cakes
damn u the good.bucket, damn u whale lolzl

The amount of cakes I’m winning has Genuinely motivated me to take up aerobics again. Every time I win some red velvet cake slices I can do absolutely nothing with, I automatically think about real life red velvet cakes, then I slightly more grudgingly acknowledge the calorie content compared to a plate of yummy yummy lettuce, and then I reluctantly muse about whether I should be doing 200 crunches rather than sitting about playing this game. And in the end I actually started HIIT again. For real. Way to go scopely.

your jking right…this is by far the biggest joke ever

Well… Everyone asked for more trainers :joy::joy:

No. It’s meh but it’s not making me put copious amounts of effort in for nothing

I pulled this and liquid came out

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that made me twitch ouch wtf

amazing pull dude. good for leveling up Kapoor

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I’m really surprised that no one fla G ed it.

Why f1ag the truth? :woman_shrugging:t4: