This is the best 3 year anni ever


Badu ba ba ba im loving it… 3 govs from these shitty pulls for fucks sake


Rip brother



OMG, 3 gov?


Yes the ascended one is from lucky tokens tho… 3 in a row…


Oh ouch, do you need a hug?


I got screwed too dude, she’s not a dupe but she’s fucking bad, she’s my second pull, first pull was Zeke 5 star, aka worst toon in the wheel


Why do people hate on Andrea? If you give her a stun gun she’s great.


Got screwed over as well


85ap is a huge no, lol.


Here is my three pulls


Pulled 2 red Andrea back to back, after getting one from lucky tokens, and already having one from promo pulls. Guess I can put blue Andrea as lead and join scopely in on the joke.


Lmao damn man awesome company here


She is far from bad. She is on both my attack and defense. Give her a huge bonus stun gun and she will Outlast all. She’s taken down 3 people after the rest of my team died.


“I got the worst f ing character in the wheel” insert picture of Erika


At least you didn’t get 3 Ezekiels like I did.


That is a sucky pull. I got this crap * shows picture of 6 magna *


Dang I got something even worse Insert Picture of 6 star revive Ty


Didn’t get the Best but ok Garrett Zeke(Dupe) Kal and Koa


I got my 2nd 5* Richard :cry: