This is straight gambling now

How is this legal or allowed? Your game is not classified as gambling yet this box is the very definition of it. Like are you kidding a 3 percent chance to quadruple my money or a 40 percent chance to lose half of it for literally nothing. This has to break some kinda rules


Uhhh but that is buying with real money, you can see on the side in the pic, its $99.99 US

Soon laws will be passed tho to stop this kind of stuff and i cant wait, get this gambling out of gaming!


Lmao Maybe I should quit sooner then laters, I don’t have a gambling addiction and I don’t want one.

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thats gambling because you need $99,99 to open that trash bag

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Oh my bad, thought it was one of the coins for coins gamble offer.

Have to love how it’s called the crazy combo. Like yeah you have to be crazy in the head to even consider it. But I’m sure some will since gambling is a powerful drug that I suffer from as well from time to time

I never gambled before this game. Some responsibility lies with me for sure but it’s crazy to think that 4 years ago I never even considered loot boxes or gambling to be fun. Now I go to casinos and play phone slots. Pandoras box for me it seems. If you feel like it might take you run like hell. Lucky I have a cushion to fall back onto but many do not

No more gambling scopes. It’s #unethical you have to own your part of the bargain. # fork it over

I was thinking about posting about this as well. They have completely and blatantly embraced the idea of this not being a game, but a gambling app in disguise.

Last i looked there were 4 bags in the shop that are 100% gambling for coins. And of course the offers for cash on top of that. They could put so much up that is useful and worth the price, but no, they put 4 bags of this shit up instead…

Anyone else think we just witnessed another significant turn for the worse for this game? These are the types of things that make me see scopely as one of those lower than shit companies that create the need for new laws to protect consumers

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I’ve been saying this for ages now , it’s a gambling app hidden behind a game. It’s why they don’t care about fixing bugs and shitty features of the game because they don’t actually care about the game play itself

Yeah aren’t loot boxes going to be banned along side chance crates.

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