This is spartaaaaa, sorry hack



15 $100 coin purchases


190 $2.00 purchases

That’s commitment


I thought it was explained, you can buy the W, no different then anything else

Lol yeah the game is not about skill it is about money.



I’m on that list and we have legit accounts ( been reported due to spending before)

Why make an event that it going to target spenders? Whether people spend or are F2P should be their business and private.


Someone just spent their tax return on coins.

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If $1500 means nothing to you, why wouldn’t you?

Seems an outrageous amount of money to spend on a mobile game to me because that would pay my mortgage for 2 months, but to some high earners it’s a drop in the ocean, I don’t begrudge them spending if it’s affordable for them, but I do think that money would be better off in my pocket than theirs :rofl:

I also think spending money should give you an advantage in progression, rather than guarantee success.


Leaderboard keeps changing- just looked.

Why’s it always gotta be you guys ,kinda brings shame on lanier,I’ve never seen us besmerched on forums,I mean I’ve been booted from forums more time than I can count but that’s different

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If you leave your faction and rejoin. It resets your score.
Couple of high roller whales in our region have done this.

Prestige 13 is the magic number. Jade is there. Once you hit that Scopley dont care what you do buy load its all the same.

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I think that’s a fair assessment. Jadeinferno was reported to Scopely by many people in Lanier due to suspicious activity. Yet nothing has been done by Scopely. Once you’re prestige 13, you’re untouchable I guess.

Im pretty sure they once said that prestige was a mistake as it shows to much personal info such as how much money that people spend in the game as it could lead to harassment, (I think it was in relation to trying to name and shame people on forum posts)

So there solution is to create a event where how much you spend is directly related and shown to everyone in game, there has to be a privacy issue here


What’s the matter about spenders ? Unless hacking or refund, leave rich people throw money in this game. I can’t understand why spenders should get lesser rewards compared to f2players.

You are right spenders should not get lesser rewards, but spenders should not be guaranteed top prizes just because they spent. This event is all about how much a faction is willing to spend. The proportion of how many tokens can be earned without spending compared to what can be earned by spending is off the charts.

For $2 you can buy 100 tokens, $100 buys 1200 tokens. So far we have only been able to earn 90 through game play. At this rate, we will be lucky to earn 600 total through game play. This is the most blatant buy your way to the top event I have ever seen.

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