This is so much fun!

All maxed except Christa will 30 vet rigns and all are S class…this was fun


Did you win?

Don’t worry they gave us a free S-class to keep up.


The fun part is building a team that can beat that! And by “build” I mean spend! See, spend = fun! no spend = no fun! Got it? Easy!


I always thought that guy hacked. I can’t imagine how much money that guy spends. Always had 3+ of every promo.


Probably 100k or so

Wait how is that christa maxed out?

Not jealous of folks with multiple S class, outside hackers it costs extreme amounts of money. I’ll take the 1 loss in game over the loss in my bank account anyday(1.5k-2k+ per S). They are also very far and few between, outside a few groups in the game you’d be hard pressed to see more than 1/2 S defenses (excluding the F2P ones) in a single war.

Players like this guy are the reason PU and all the attempts to curb the greed of Scopely failed

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Vk. And vk.

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Ummm I saw a heck of a lot of them in last crw, including some teams completely sclass with the rings upgrade.

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Lol. That team is so poor. The composition is awful. Holy money though.

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So poor yet no thought into it and will stomp a LOT of teams.

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