This is really disgusting

It is annoying to be focused on a war and then suddenly advertise for some game offer.


Clickbait was expecting some serious gruesome pics…

Or is that different forum :grimacing:

On more serious note this has been raised multiple times now… known issue that’s been taken direct to scopes

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Be glad they shut off towers… Pretty annoying and negative when their :poop: ads popped up exactly the moment you want to take towers.


With out ads tho how would I know I need to buy stuff nay MUST buy stuff … all the stuff…

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Guys only want one thing, and it’s disgusting.

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If the game wasn’t full of freeloaders we wouldn’t have to put up with advertisements as often…


You’re right, we’d have twice as many ads…

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I found this war to be the worst yet for pop ups even thou it was brought up at Pc level :joy:

Hey lay off me😔

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Did you find the pop-ups were less on Sunday than they were during the first 24 hours of war?

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I personally got more pop ups during Sunday than Saturday even though I spent less time waring Sunday. At one point it was 2-3 pop ups on average per war for a couple hours. With one war in particular getting 6 pop ups, after ever couple hits (before and after the hit) with 2 of them crashing my game. Although Saturday wasn’t exactly pop up free. Guess scopley really wanted me to get the SC membership this war.

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No it was constant, especially at the end of a war, trying to join up and it messed you up😔

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