This is our anniversary?

How come every other game I play that has anniversary events has events that actually celebrate the player for playing and give you things that you want and are useful for playing. Come on scopely, after this #playersunited movement, this should have been the perfect time to give us customers something. But instead it’s Sergio behind a paywall. That’s just fraking weak.


Any other game isn’t four years old, stale and boring like this one. What did you expect?


Anniversary events should be for all players as an act of goodwill by the company for playing their game and for paying their salaries


Recently I picked up the one Marvel Strike Force because people praise it and so far it’s eh. I don’t think other companies are too better than Scopely.

But then again I’m anti capitalist so I have a huge distaste for companies in general.

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Final fantasy brave exvius just had 3rd anniversary and have put a whole bunch of great free stuff. Also had great deals for people who wanted to spend.

They are all there to make money, at least strike force gives compensation for when they screw up. Also nothing is hidden behind a paywall, might have to grind or wait a little longer, but you can get every toon in the game for free

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Strike Force’s interface is confusing that’s for sure

No surprised one bit! :roll_eyes:
Is there anything in the world that you don’t dislike or hate, Edgelord?

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Summnors War is celebrating their 5th year anniversary and I can tell you the rewards outscore Scopely by miles on end.

Scopely is actually copying a lot of stuff from that game but somehow NON of the player rewarding or appreciation stuff - come to think of it most of the stuff PU is asking for is a natural part of SW. Makes you wonder doesn’t it :wink:


If we are talking all games not mobile there are many examples. Look at for honor that is still releasing toons and has an active player base, rainbow 6 siege too. If we want outside of Ubisoft basically the top MOBAs have been going for a decade or so and have massive tournaments with millions of viewers every year. Game death isn’t inevitable like so many are saying it just needs continued support and new content.

People here still want to play and are clearly still willing to pay provided the above is satisfied.


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