This is not an s-class scopely

Of course she’s not. The orange stars are dead giveaway…

In scopely logic, you need the 6* to unlock an S-class, so she’s needed for s-class, so it’s totally legit to call it an s-class offer…

(Note, a 6* Priya is 4k cards, you need just 2k cards to complete the collection, so better deal than if it were a Princess)


It feels fairly misleading to call it an s-class offer though.

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Well, it’s a part of a complete S class fighter representing 4k shards, so nothing wrong.

Yeah, but that’s not really what it’s titled as.
Imagine a new player who doesn’t know what they’re doing, buys this thinking it’s an S-Class.

At least he will be in the right way to grind for the real S class with a solid offer.

Not the first case of the misleading offer labels, really. Don’t have screenshots, don’t remember details either, but it was quite usual for Scopes to put the event prize in the name of an offer, while it contained only the collectibles needed to get that event prize (in minuscule quantity, requiring to buy 10-20 offers in fact)

The thing is in that region, they have sold 6 stars for $20 before, denise, donny, alice, and others.
So why not just label it as a 6 star?

Because won’t be good for sales, marketing stuff you know… In a S class era new players won’t be excited to buy stuff with a outdated label.

Yeah I guess that’s what it ultimately comes down to.

What region is that offer in? Guessing one of the newer ones

Wilson (EN)

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Thought it would be either there or weakly, thanks

no problem

Easy answer would have been to sell 4k cards in 1st place. And all round this would help more of the player base. It is misleading but this happens alot with scopley offers we are beyond the point ohhh it was a mistake these are deliberately done to fool people. 6star does not equal s’class by any definition. Road to s’class prya or path to… Its not rocket science watch your wording.

Not saying its not a bad offer for a new player with and open wallet looking a jump start. Shit i know ones that would buy it for the trainers.

I’d buy it too, but I don’t play in the region lol

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Well it’s a good deal .
Since Priya need 2 6* and only 2k cards.

Your just in the wrong post code lol its very like another gate few years ago pullgate or £1 offer only for key regions cant remember which.

Wrong post code?

Oh its like say your area code or like district. Sometimes people move house just to be near a good school that only that certain post code can attend.