This is my def team tell me what i should do

i have an andrea hunter anna and kenny in the back too
is it good bad or fine

It’s fine, though a Carl team without a revive or shield can barely stand up to anything. If you get a melee revive/shield, I recommend you put them on your team ASAP.

going for solange replacing sandy

Depot them.


Won’t matter without a shield and she also does not give bonus hp. You need a solid shield in order for the bonus hp toons to set up and then keep that revive bonus hp train rolling on towards time out central.

God the game is so terrible now.


I’d put anna over Sandy. She could carry a stun sword which can be a pain especially if you have multiple stun swords. Rick has focus but he’s squishy more offensive toon. So could replace him too.

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Guardian zeke instead of Rick if no shield? It’s a decent d but wo a shield/revive, it’s not gonna be able to hold out long.


Guardian shield can be such a pain, with a good weapon procs every time and makes opponent waste hits. Basically defenses are either a damage defense or a stall defense. So decide which you wanna aim for. Without shield makes it more difficult but I’ve seen really great Defenses with strategically placed mods that can wreck teams.

My thoughts?

How well do you think this team will fair against in CRW this week-end? Good or bad?

Needs: 2x shield and 2x revive with guardian and you might get a few defends.

With that team… good luck?

Anna has special weapon so no stun swords and low def i wouldn’t add her but sandy and rick will die fast

It’s a defence team so lose Rick and sandy you are playing for time. Knowing from the start that your team is going to get beat is the key… So it how long it takes another player to do it even putting hunter in your team will give u 10 til 20 secs in stead of Rick he is a revive so most will try take him out 1st giving ur healers a chance to go of with the right mods weapons longer if u have zeke or another guardian put in instead of sandy. Slowing them down gives u more attacks and ur faction. Also if you were controling that team you may win battles but in defence its the games A.I and this games a.i is not very good like how yellows will go for blues reds green but not the toon with the lowest health as a player would or impairing a that one toon in a team you don’t want going of. So in order if I came up against your team I’d kill Rick low def, sandy low def then yvette before she ar’s then take my time carl last princess. Long read but hope it helps

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