This is just morally wrong and it's becoming a regular feature

Offers outlasting events is just a way to trick people into spending on something that gives nothing - it is by definition a scam:

I haven’t bought this but I imagine there are some players that have fallen for it by getting mixed up with their event timings and not checking first.

@TayTron you may have realised for the past few months I have generally been complimentary of Scopely and the direction the game is going but this is utterly indefensible. If it had happened on the one occasion I would give the company the benefit of the doubt but this has happened multiple times now. If it is accidental it is making you look awful and utterly untrustworthy as a company. If it is not accidental you are literally attempting to scam your playerbase.

@Parker @LadyGeek @Conquest this is something that should be a priority to be raised by PC.

Before I get any grief - I will say again that I did not personally fall for this trick, I am speaking out for anyone who may.

It’s just an utterly disgusting practice for it to have happened multiple times. People who do this to grandmas over the phone go to prison when caught.


My last feedback before going to bed last night :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks LG!

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I think two things: they have to improve communication / coordination so they tighten up their timelines, as the events and the offers may be loaded into the game by different tools by different people at different times (I don’t know this, just a guess). And, they attempt to make sure every player has an offer to let them finish a collection at event end, but were overzealous in that attempt.

I also think they need better alerts that an event is ending in game - they would have made $20 off of me but whoops I got distracted and the event ended. Works out better for me, actually, so maybe I won’t suggest that.


Scopely scamming is not surprising. They’re like the guys at the end of dark alley ways wearing the trench coat and the wide-brimmed hats.


Can’t defend this one (anybody in general - not aimed at you). They’ve done it multiple times now so if it’s accidental it is extreme incompetence.



You like what you see…


I literally just had a faction mate mention the roadathon items in the store yet nothing in the black market. I advised him not to buy it. It’s ridiculous and shameful that they are still selling items that players can’t use. If a player buys it, will they get their money back. This is beyond wrong.

The solution to all this is not to spend money buying those ridiculous offers, keep surviving :peace_symbol:


Didn’t realise these offers were any different at the end - thought they were all lots of money and little to nothing for it!

I find out hilarious that the offers are still there 24 hours after the end of it :joy:

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