This is just crazyness!

Voted best mobile game and best game of 2019, they are giving free guns, skins, etc and a log in event!

Just playing the game i have got some cool skins, emotes, sprays, guns, etc

Is this real life? Am i dreaming? A company giving away free stuff, having log in events and things can be earned by just playing the game and they still make millions :scream::scream::scream: crazyness!

If anyone ever wants to play zombies and do the easter eggs and boss fights with me on COD mobile, my user name is ssinless, feel free to add me.


I’m going to download COD now. Just to reinforce your point, Tap Tap heroes, State of Survival, Hungry shark world, Into the dead 2, twd no mans land, horrifield, are all games giving this season! This is tap taps> and you can see on the left hand side, its not just log in event they are really handing it out!


And scopely do nothing only trash,im too tired to waiting some good.


Sadly I had to delete the game because it took up too much space and slowed my other games down, but once I figure something out I’m getting it back, even though I’ll be on MW all weekend.

You can get like a 32gb sd card for a few bucks, put all your music, movies, pics, and most apps on it and games on internal phone storage

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Sounds like I should install it again. :rofl:

Still looking for people to make a team for zombies, its ok if youre a noob as long as you listen, i can teach you zombies mode, need 3 people

Used to play Twd no man’s land and was pretty far into the game then had some mention this one and stopped playing the other right as soon as they implemented there guild wars

What did I get flgged for

Plus rewards for doing multiple other things in this game.


And scopely kkkk nothing.

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely

I would like to think that the dev team had some cool give away ideas to celebrate Christmas, they were probably shot down by accounting because free doesn’t work for Scopely.

An olive branch at Christmas time as an extension of goodwill towards the player base as a sign of things to come would have gone a long way.

Nothing. Silence.

I would also like to think a daily log in event was planned, but squashed because Scopely management is the real life equivalent of Scrooge McDuck.

I’ve seen nothing but promises made and half assed, good intentions at times and complete garbage for the most part.

There is still time for a Hail Mary Christmas giveaway, call it a Christmas miracle.

Scopely needs this.


tenor (23)

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Guild wars in NML have been on hiatus for almost a year, but will come back (for testing) early next year. Winter collection event has also started, you will have missed a week but should still be ale to get the main reward F2P. Not the worst time to get back into NML.

@Phoenix we had the snowman gift. If they had divided the cans and tokens over twelve days or so, it wouldn’t have been that different from what other games do.

I’ve wondered abt this game. Is it good?

I just started playing it

My experience of KOA was horrible! I did a tapjoy offer for coins for it around halloween, they had a halloween event, collect candy, pumpkins, etc and trade them in for rewards in the shop but their was no shop :man_facepalming: the region i was in, the big 5 teamed and they kept everyone else down, constantly attacking them to burn their castle and take every last resource, you need troops to gather resources to upgrade, troops are very expensive to heal, so it became a cycle of not having troops to gather resources, not having resources to heal troops, not being able to upgrade anything, as well as chat was full of toxic drama, i ended up uninstalling. It is a reskin of all those games that you build your base, train troops, attack others, gsther resources to upgrade buildings, basically a base building game with dragons and knights.

How I wish this game would take a page from the 100s of other games that treat their player base right
Sadly I think after woc we will see a sharp sharp decline in playing
It’s been said a million times the game is dying and they get progressively worse after each time
People that use to spend 1000s are spending the bare minimum
People that use to grind all day every day barely log in anymore
I’ll continue to play until the wheels fall off but it’s just a shame to see such a good game get so full of greed to where we don’t even get basic log in events anymore
They should honestly probably separate from tapjoy so we don’t have to see what other mobile games do during holidays and other times
I’ll log in now and do my 3 roadmaps, Sr, and check on my faction
10 minutes in game while I go spend hours having fun in other games to get coins for rts



Thank you for the honest review! Not abt the drama. Your usually right on so ill take your word! Hope you a safe and happy holiday!

Oh wow really it’s been that long since I’ve played lol I played that game for 2 years had every character unlocked and I cant even remember what level i was but i had a kick ass team but i stopped for rts then my phone had to much memory so i had to uninstall it but yea deff thinking about going back to it