This is how you beat nightmare SR

Just use reflect damage weapons on 1* and 2* toons when you get to gold, elite and legendary and if reflect damage triggers it will insta kill these crazy stat toons. This way you dont need to waste 6* revive kits and 3* kits are very easy to get. It can take some time as reflect damage doesnt always trigger but i found it is so much more easy than using a 6* team and its saving me kits. For walker stages tho, crit and camo is a must have! If it is a walker and human stage, just use your walker killing team, sacrifice them to the op stat toons and then swap for reflect damage weapons on 1* and 2* toons. Reflect damage as far as i know can only be had on yellow and green weapons. This should help many who dont want to waste kits or spend money to get thru this.


Currently at Gold 14. So far lost Gold 4 (green zombies 1st wave, humans second). My mistake was i used Kenny lead

When possible against humans I use bleed 2 bleed Shiva with defensive leader (Eg green Carl), human shield (Koa or Jesus depending on human colour) and Rick (guardian, revive, bonus hp)

Walkers are easy

Tricky ones are those stages that are a mix. I usually put a defensive leader, toon that gives crit bonus (eg Hershel), toons that give bonus hp, and red gov for neutralising. Crit weapons and crit chance mods. It’s very slow though.

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word of warning, if ur last toon dies reflects and kills, u lose and it resets


seems like u found a way to adapt mate


WTF?! :roll_eyes: i think this happened to me when i did gold 4, i beat the walkers and then went back in with my reflect team and then went back in again and it was walkers, almost broke my phone!

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@CombatDevIl i miss you! You helped so much with combat issues! :sob:

Also a warning, going back to look at a previous stage resets the other stage, even if you dont do the previous stage, i was just checking what team i had and what that stage was and went to stage 5 and it was reset, never had that happen before so idk but thats a thing :angry:


i believe it done it to me before last nightmare when i went back to boost AP on a walker stage

i think ive just decided not to bother going on.

Got to gold 1 and everything got 1 shotted so thought “thatll do pig” lol


And going to the previous stage and doing it awards you with ONE SR point.
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely WHY DON’T YOU TRY TO COMPLETE THIS STUPID ROAD YOURSELVES AND THEN RELEASE IT TO THE PUBLIC? You have no respect for your own audience, and it’s only a matter of time before your shitty product closes down for good.

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Yea its meant to be a race so people will spend cans on it lololol and JB and GR are just the messengers bruh, they didnt design this SR crap


Same happened to me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

I’m f2p and I love this mode, only way to see who really is able to build a SR team vs who is just loaded with cans. I can see some whales whining they get their attack teams destroyed at Elite levels


They are still part of developing branch, so they should have tried the SR themselves and told others that this event is TOO ■■■■■■■ HARD EVEN FOR THE WHALES.

That is not what i am seeing lol this doesnt have me thinking carefully about teams, this is who has enough revive kits


They dont develop unless JB and GR do and never said anything but as far as i am aware they are the CM’s. I do agree tho, this game and all video games need the devs, managers, etc to be themselves gamers and play their own game.

Do you mean those kits?

I think they’re pretty useless If you don’t complete the road with 5 standing…

Yes, this is all that is needed to finish this SR. I havent had to use any extra strat in building teams in this than normal SR, i have just been using a lot more kits.

it’s weird
I had one toon left, he died, and reflected and kill it
it has progress 100 percent
when I went back, back to zero and started again
was painful

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My fac mate just had hers reset but shes not using reflect… This shit is broken :angry:

Onto Elite stage one. Omfg a whole new lvl of BS.
I will try the 1* and reflect weapons a go. Otherwise thats it i’m stuck. :unamused:

it works for mid gold levels, that yellow.shiva was godly, just dont have a shield to keep it alive

Yellow shiva get insta-kill in gold stages by some blues… (Morgan command…) with Blue Garrett as lead…
just need to bring a tanked revive to keep reviving her