This is getting bad


The milestones are still high and worthless. Still missing YGL. This is udderly stupid at this point.


Did you finish all of your gold missions?


IMO, not really. There are 4 variations of how rewards can play out: Good milestones and good placements, good milestone and bad placements, bad milestones and good placements, or bad milestones and bad placements.

As long as the worst possible variation isn’t chosen, players are compelled to perform to a certain degree for selected rewards. As a result, bad milestone/placements are mere bonuses to the baseline prize of that event.

I keep seeing people saying like “Oh, bad milestones means bad events.” What about placement rewards? They fail to mention that good placements is a redeeming quality for an event too. Vice versa in regards to 5* for milestones.

That’s just me personally. Milestones were never amazing in the past, and when they were excellent, placements weren’t all that good. There are a rare few tournaments that have featured both good milestones and placements, but that shouldn’t mean that an event with solely good milestones or placements is a bad event.