This is discouraging

After over 2 1/2 years of playing its a bit hard to swallow this tripe. This is a main reason this game is driving older players away. We still remember not having to buy this gear to do the most basic thing in the game level your toons. We remember and have asked over and over and over again for the original gear maps that were farmable for these basic items. Instead we get 1 piece a day 2 days a week and a rng box to attempt to get it 2 days a week. One of which is sandwiched in with 2 other high energy maps and shirts and gloves a staple in leveling. Or you can buy gear for a price. Either the fruits of your invested farming which with the way the rm is structured aint much time at all. Or with your wallet. Sure the $4.99 price tag aint bad but still its a slap in the face to your loyal players. Months of level ups bleed most of us dry or close to it and in return for our continued support we got this dribble. Ive seen on this forum so many cries for help where gear is concerned and in return we get if you really want it buy it. Or burn cans to the rng god in the hopes of getting that night vision goggle you need to put your 6* on 3rd tier. Its become laughable if it was not just so sad.


Perhaps that offer was geared towards newer players who may not have the gear markers nor the level to unlock that part of the gear depot?

To make it ‘fair’ to others that offer was made available to anyone but not necessarily meant as a slap in the face for more seasoned players?


This sums up very nicely the road the game is headed. Too bad it’s full of potholes and a dead end.



Its the more seasoned players that need gear in most cases. Hell i need gear with the monotony of level ups and events tied to them with the milestones. I was sucked in for months leveling so many toons just for the milestones. Lets face it the new gear options pale in comparison to what once was. Im only stating that most og players see this as another example of the coming tide the game has progressed to.

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