This is crazy.... Week after week the same complaints from the community go unchanged


I am going to be as constructive as i can here, which isn’t saying much because quite frankly you have given YOUR player base l, US much hope in your competence or rationality.

First off i will start by saying. What are with these ABSURD level up milestones?? When 90+% of your player base will be lucky to even hit the 1.25 million point milestone for level up tournaments… Nevermind the 2 million because that’s maybe 1-2% of people that will attain this.

What genius comes up with these ridiculous milestones??? Could we please for the love of god be put in touch with this person?? I would really love to give him/her/it/them or whatever they prefer to be referred as, a piece of my mind. While also having them explain to me, why they deem it necessary or good to alienate 90% of your player base???

Can anyone explain to me how these are considered readonable for more then a small fraction of players?? I myself have 4x t3 lvl 80 6* and 1x t2 lvl 70 6* ( yet i lack a military watch so i can t3 them ) Nevermind me and my problems though but what about all of those players who don’t even have a single 6*??

I guess hitting those milestones with your weekly sometimes 2x a week level tourneys. Everything about this company and what it does is seriously lacking… Lack of t4 6* gear is a HUGE problem for many people aside from myself. Even the availability of military watches or radios is lacking.

No matter how well i prepaired in advance for these level tourneys. It would be nearly impossible to hit the 2 million milestone leveling 4* and 5* or without spending an absurd amount of money insta finishing scavenger missions.

This has to be at least the 50th thread i have seen where 50x different people have complained about not only the milestones but the rewards for those milestones.

My question to scopley staff is when are our concerns going to be addressed? In my faction alone, people are quiting left and right and its not just the ftp. Its also many of the ptp players. You have left us all feeling alienated, dis-engaged and upset over the lack of listening to the communities wants/needs and suggestions.

We’re sick and tired of not being listened too and the complete lack of transperacy, lack of any rational explinations or reasoning. Its just the same generic, un-helpful responses. Just for once actually start putting your “players first” We hear a lot about how your “players first” attitude but i am sorry without actions to back those kinda statements, it is nothing but empty words. The balls in your court scopley, how about fixing some of our issues now. Thanks


Pretty telling that Shane herself had no idea on Friday night that the war setup had changed to 6 vs 6.