This is a step to far now

So they nurfed it smh they know they are messing with the player community so why do they always do stuff that annoys people


Thanks to that little o called “PamXP” or some crap like that. People can’t stfu.

Thank the youtubers who posted in big ass letters “PAM XP LEVEL HAX BRUH!!!” Make sure to like and subscribe to their channels lol

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Another hour, another Scopely fuck up. Useless fuckwits.

I can’t even load into my game it’s been a week.I’m missing everything that’s happening right now

Because every time they finally get around and revert PAM back to normal bad @ss self they then completely forget about her until some jabroni comes along and has to remind them about it.

They have the attention span of a nat. Stop reminding them peeps. :laughing:

This ■■■■■■■ sucks, goddamn people need to keep their mouths shut. In a day when we need so much resource wise thos was a nice break.

of course they did it during the level up when it could actually help. smh

Oof oof oof … Oof a oof oof… Oof oof oof… Oof a oof oof
1 fuckup 2 fuckup 3 fuckup 4 … 4 fuckups make a scopley game and so do many more
Over the hills the pam xp bug comes
But so does scopley bringing you the road to survival shitshow


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