This has to be a joke right?

There’s no way you guys are really expecting people to use $10 for 80 tokens. That’s not even a full pull. I’m gonna assume you guys are smarter then this and guess it’s suppose to say 800 tokens


no jokes from scopley, all intentional


Something tells me our concerns have not been brought to the team


They are selling 8 pulls for $100 essentially. They purposely only sold 80 at a time so would would have to buy in multiple, minimum 5 purchases for 4 pulls to not be left with any excess for $50.

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People are surprised? Yes, people will pay for this, madness i know but this is why things will continue the way they are until the sheep wake up from their gambling addictions


I feel like they could sell a literal bag of shit with a 5% chance of getting raven and people would still buy it


They can, they can literally poop into a bag and sell it for $99.99 with a 0.01% chance of getting a dollar or poop and people would buy it and say “i won!”


A bag of poop?
Light it on fire and put it on scropely doorstep!


They’ll just take it and resell it as an offer for $200


To be fair shit has its practical uses, agriculture, geothermal etc etc

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This is why the game is losing so many players and revenue …

It’s digital content, it doesnt deplete or go out of stock

You are basically charging someone the same amount for less items from day to day

i brought this to attention with the trainer offer back in February, £10 (android) for 2 x crates of 10 trainers from all stars 2/3/4/5 and 5 million food

then having a lesser offer for £20 for 1 x 10 bendicts, and 20 of the others and no food.

Scopely feels as if supply and demand can be bottlenecked, that it can remove an offer for a month or so and people will be so desperate for it they will pay almost if not double the price for something that is 75% that of the original offer,

people arent stupid, they generally buy something because its a good offer, we have memories and most of all, we have come to the realisation early on that we need to screenshot almost 100% of anything we get or do in this game because support wont even entertain helping unless they have visual proof of things so its very easy to go back and find how much certain things cost

I dont even know anyone who bought these tokens anyway, they feel a 5* non ascendable still holds great value in this game


Why I stopped spending.This has only got worse just as I predicted GEEEEEZ What the actual FUCK.


Not much of a prediction if everyone knows they’re fricked!


And each pull only has a .2% chance for one toon :joy:

Pure garbage scam

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No, they have and the team responded with this…


Keep surviving!


Nearly as bad as charging £28.99 for 300 RTS, 9,000 5* tokens and 25 war tokens.

That’s right, you heard correctly; 25 war tokens.

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Doubt this will change anything but if that’s the case and it did do the people that pulled Vincent eligible for token refund to do a pull and this is hypothetical as it’s not Gunna happen

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It’s the wheel that costs 100 a pull

U have 10 of this offer in stock, I don’t see y complaining

My bad, thought it was war tokens