This has to be a bug?

No such thing as luck. you should at least have a crit no matter what it is. Its been 2 months with tape and kits and areas I’ve been only getting non crits. Does not matter what weapons I use. And am not only one in my group thats getting it. Anyone else?


I agree, if you use both pk & dt and you have the crit territories the weapon should be a guaranteed 150 stat no matter what!! Not saying it’s should be a guaranteed stun stat or any other special just a 150 stat.
I stopped even using the crit territories bc every single time I do I get 120 stats.


Something fishy is going on

For 2 months all ive been doing is trying for inpair %25 def over and over.

I totally agree!!! There should be a way to guarantee critical success!

Cause they nerfed it lol

How’s that? The progress bar remains the same.

Scopely would never ever lie to us right? Right? Ohhh wait… Yea… Ummm

You’ve never lived until you’ve crafted over 400 times never got any op weapons then stop for about a year come back and first craft is abs…

You people are funny. Took me over a year playing to get a ad knife

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Tried for AD for 2 years and never got one. I stopped trying

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Wait about a year you’ll probably get one on the first try like I did

laughs from atop his huge pile of awesome weapons

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