This has got to stop

There has been a lot of talk recently about the game nearing its end of life and Scopely apparently trying to shut the game down. If anyone had even half a brain cell, they could work out that this simply is not true.

Revenue - RTS has made around $50k today in revenue ONLY on the iPhone in the US. That is $18,250,000 per year. If you include other devices and other countries, you could be looking at $60 MILLION a year. Why on earth would they kill off such a massive income source?

New hires - Scopely have communicated on several occasions that they have had an influx of new staff members to help work on this game. Glassdoors reviews also confirm this to be true. Investing money into new hires to work on a dying game isn’t exactly a good business move.

One of the biggest complains is the lack of communication from Kali and the other forum mods. But think about it. Really sit and think about this one.
If you went to work this morning and everyone started insulting you, saying you are bad at your job and just being plain nasty, would you talk to them, or even continue to work there?
Kalishane used to post a lot of information and used to reply to a lot of threads. People didn’t like what she had to say so they resorted to personal insults which is absolutely disgusting. We have relayed our opinions to Kalishane and it is her job to rely that information to others at Scopely and it appears she has done that. If Scopely fail to act on that information, thats down to them, not Kalishane.

The atmosphere on this forum is worse than it has ever been. The decisions made by Scopely over the past 12 months are the cause of that, but there was no need for the keyboard warriors to start insulting people when they know full well they wouldn’t say those things in person to another human being.

If you want to complain about an event then by all means go ahead, i have always done the same and i will continue to do so. But keep the personal insults away from this forum.
This forum must be very intimidating to the mods for the above reasons. If the forum was more approachable, maybe we would see more communication which will lead to much needed changes in the game.


How many times have we tried talking tho?? How many things have they promised to deliver and failed??

They aint trying bro, not even a little bit.


Stockholm syndrome?


Totally agree, people try to push their opinions onto others and say thing like “the game is dying” and “you better stop spending” when there are so many worse games and smaller companies who are still alive and running.

The negativity and so insults and lies and twisted truths on here is appalling. Just because you want something doesn’t mean it’s true and doesn’t mean it has to happen or you threaten to quit. If I was a new player I would never want to join these forums.


It won’t tho, they have many other income sources. One game or a handful of players won’t make a company shut its doors. They have shareholders and stocks and other commitments. You can say this all you want and next year keep saying the same thing… nothing will change


A first step to get the negativity out would be to ban all quitters just hanging around here to badmouth the game and each and every active player.


I totally agree! The number of ex-players and all the second and third accounts that people use to make fun of or belittle other players is way to high. All the threats and making fun of people who spend or enjoy the game is just wrong.


They should ban anyone that doesn’t spend, no receipt/no game. And there should be a rule that every time you register on forums you have to show receipt and also there should be a check up every few weeks with new spending or you are auto banned from forums. Also you have to praise game or have a lolly on your on your way out.


They should also make ot to where u can only post on forums if u have made a purchase within 24 hours of the time that u try to post


I know at some point this will just turn into many people saying terrible things about you and this thread, but I really appreciate you posting this. I understand where you are coming from. I often don’t post here or voice any opinions because I know, if I say anything even remotely positive it will be twisted into something crazy and then it will just ruin my day. I’m a positive person, who doesn’t thrive off of arguing or negativity so I just lurk most of the time.

I truly wish more people understood, you can disagree, you can voice everything you feel without treating people like Kali-Shane so terrible. I’ve said on a few occasions, (including my last video) I’m unhappy with ______ and _____ and it could be changed like ____. <---- and that is MORE than ok. What isn’t okay is when you say, “$camply is a bunch of thieves, and lying idiots that deserve to live in gutters can’t you see this isn’t what I want.” I often come on forums lately, and from the first page I see posts about people who are banned making 50 accounts and spam posts, Scopley shutting down, how the game is horrific, but nothing actually helpful. (Not saying there aren’t helpful posts, but I shouldn’t have to scroll through tons of trash to get there)

Lastly the thing I just don’t understand is, the people who RELIGIOUSLY come here, complain about EVERYTHING about the game, how terrible it is in every aspect, how the company is selling out, and how they have felt punched in the face everyday for the past 2 years, then drop 600$ for the new promo. Seriously, if you are that unhappy, why stay?? They aren’t stealing your money you’re giving it to them.


You are partly right, they hang around. Expectations on the other hand are lots of laugh on forums, like this thread which reminds me of that youtube video “Leave Britney alone”.


I agree, if you believe this game is going to die then find a different one and stop spending here. Just move on. I’m not convinced it’s dying and I’ll keep on playing but if they do shut it down then it’s just a game, I’ll find a new one. If you’re a whale and spent tons on this game you either don’t care about that sort of money or basically tough shit.

And yeah, I agree with your point. If something is making 50k just on iOS then it would be utter stupidity to shut it down. The game is in a mess, that’s correct, but it is in a programming mess rather than financial.


There seems to be some confusion.
I have not commented on Kalishanes abilities and i am in no way defending her actions, those opinions will stay with me and don’t need to be shared.

This post is to prove that the shut down rumours are false and to point out that the forum is no place for insults as no one deserves them. As @Mamadeadhead mentioned, you are entitled to your opinion but slander and insults deserve to get your post deleted and account banned.

There are many problems with this game, but there is a correct way to go about reporting these issues.


So the negative should stop? But you fail to ask why everyone is angry? Then because of rightful anger you say “well censor them”, instead of saying to oneself "this company has poor customer care"
I feel for people like this they are the ones that end up in camps! So blind to what is going on, rather poke out their eyes so they can say see nothing to see here!
You are right it is ok to be positive, but positively blind to actual miss deeds, is positively being dumb!


So they should use their income from other places to keep this game going once it’s no longer profitable?? I hope you aren’t a business owner yourself, in case you didn’t know that’s a HORRIBLE idea. Just sayin


Like I said, negativity is fine. Just don’t be an ass to other people.
I also said there are problems with this game, you would have to be blind not to see them.


Don’t give them any ideas lol. This will probably be the next thing they implement.

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I mention my videos, because unlike most players I have a pretty detailed video past on the game where anybody can go to for examples about what I say. Why just say random things with nothing to back myself up with? Trust me, if watching my videos makes you as miserable as this game does, I’d never want you to feel that way. Don’t torture yourself by watching my videos of they make you feel bad, I’m not asking you too. It’d be different if I had said (Just like I did in my last video OMG please watch and subscribe and share for your friends!) I was simply letting it be known that it was there.

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Not profitable? Are you serious? They make 50k a day! Plus a partnership with kirkman and tap joy and the use of the walking dead name, advertisement revenue, along with website and social media traffic. They have a business plan, they have ideas and changes they will make because it’s their game and people will come and go, that’s part of the business. I do have a family business and if you think they are not making a profit then they have you right under their thumb.

You responded to this.

You dont see the point, their revenue is dropping more and more every day. Soon everyone will be f2p and server maintenance and updates and employee payment will outweigh the incoming revenue. Then it will die.

With this.

It won’t tho, they have many other income sources. One game or a handful of players won’t make a company shut its doors. They have shareholders and stocks and other commitments. You can say this all you want and next year keep saying the same thing… nothing will change.

You 100% suggested once the game wasn’t profitable they could use their income from other sources. Also while they are partnered with skybound/robert kirkman, it doesn’t mean they’re going to give them money to keep it going. They simply have access to the brand/name.

Once this game is no longer profitable, its finished period. While yes they make 50k a day, its also dropped in revenue by more then 50% in 8 months. At that pace, this game won’t be along much longer.

Do you have any idea how much it costs to run scopley daily? You know with all their catered lunches daily and their fully stocked fridges of drinks? Investors wanting their capital?? Pretty much a majority of that 50k daily goes to all their investors.

ALL the money they got to start this game came directly from other peoples pockets. I believe it was in excess of 100 million dollars. You’re gonna need alot 50k daily profits to pay back that 100 million.

That’s why i laugh when people say oh but they make 50k daily… Not when you owe investors over 100 million lol