This Halloween event is bad


This Halloween event is a glorified Benedict wheel, thanks Scopely, I’ll enjoy my Roadadict!


Just don’t expect much, and you’ll be fine.
Remember that while you can get a 6*, there’re not many ways to max him out, unless you’ve a good stock of gears


I’ve not been raiding for shovels and im not gonna bother raiding for cauldrens either. You get 2 if you are lucky. Rewards are crap again and nit worth the effort.


I got up to 12.


Yeah, can’t wait to get more duplicate unascenadble 5 stars for fodder.

Yet another display of grudging generosity. The illusion of benevolence. The ghost of giving.

Give everyone more chances for pulls AND a legendary free of charge. That’s a gift. This is yet another tease that will only really benefit those who spend. And we all know they all have too much already.


It’s looking like a real “spoopy” event!!!

Am I right!


Would have been nice if they put more 5* on the wheel that haven’t been made ascendible yet but will be in the future. There’s 5* OG Dwight, but they could have added Knox and Carley or Rose too, for example.


Still better than last year… atleast people will probably get one pull for free. Last year was completely a pay to pull event.

That doesn’t mean it’s good by any way. Disappointed by the crap load of 5* in that wheel and why is the neutralize governor in everything. I have pulled 6 of him in the last 2 wheels (lucky tokens and 3 yr tokens)


It’s nice that Scopely is giving us 40 cauldron every day when we log in but it takes 80 cauldron to complete the roadmap. I’m sure the roadmap will reset every day so unless your going to buy Scopely Halloween package under offers your going to have to do the roadmap every other day in order to have enough free cauldron to finish the map. Guess I’ll do that.


Cauldrons drop in raids.

The only thing to note about the event, there’ll be a lot of “tricks” (93%) and very few “treats” (7%) from the wheel


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5 raid cans for 26 Cauldrons…

Already this event is fucking bullshit. As all are.
Whatever… hahaha


3 raid cans ZERO cauldrons. Looks like I got the “trick”!?!


Ouch. That’s pretty bad RNG; I got 44 with one round of natural E. Hopefully their drop rate increases once the shovel event is done though; you’ll hopefully start getting more when there are fewer items available to drop.


you get the " you are dumb as fuck for doing it"


Or simply spend 250 coins for 1 or 2 guaranteed tokens. Still not much better.


Do you just complain?
That seems to be the only thing I see you do.


no one noticed the 4 star in there? lol when its says lowest u can get is 5


I wasn’t complaining about it and knew that the cauldron dropped in raids. I just rather do the map every other day.


18 raid cans later