This game needs a change


I write this as someone’s who’s coming to their last hope this game will change. My region is slowly dying and nothing is being done to change that instead you guys are pushing new characters for people to buy where the big spenders in regions are leaving day after day because you guys successfully killed everyone’s whole rosters over night it amazes me we are still fighting for tokens to get red lees, duplicates, and just stuff we don’t want you guys see this daily and see the hate you get you figure you would slightly listen just a little bit. Nope here’s new yellow Romanov with his taunt weapon. Shove that taunt weapon where the sun don’t shine because the 1% chance someone has to get him is beyond belief to anyone with common sense. Make old characters great again. Give us more old ascendables. Stop pushing premium characters and listen to your customer base I would have a more logical convo with a brick wall about this but you know might as well vent the point 1 more time :). The picture shared is how everyone feels by now


Those are my favorite. Rage names always welcome.


You guys have a faction named deeznutz are former most well know global troll used to have that as his name


I miss deez - pretty sure he would be banned this morning with the bans for trolling rolling out :joy:


He would have been ban definitely like it matter with his huge 6 rep haha


Deeznutz were surviving on your chin.


Yeah pretty much just in efforts for them to ban but rip amazes me how idiotic a company can be daily. We don’t want prem characters we want old ascendables so here’s 16 more prems


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