This game is starting to frustrate me

Scopley come on. I mean I hate complaining but this whole summer has but nothing but horrible events. The beach reward structure was horrible,

the summer coins are a hit or miss they’re common thank Jesus but Roman-off is sad for a reward

this new event is unfair no F2P will be able to get him if the milestone rewards stay the same. Not saying it shouldn’t be challenging but this isn’t fair. Micheal was do able and had lots of extra for mods. Why not repeat that ?

S class is shameful and gives spenders an even big edge.

Hinata isn’t p2g and isn’t even good but she would’ve been helpful for F2P

The bad guy roadmaps was a mess. Negan was impossible to get and he wasn’t that good but still. Also you could’ve made better prizes. Like Mike or Yellow Alpha for whispers, Lily or Bruce for Governor, and have the blue Negan or “a new treat “ Dwight, even Laura would’ve been cool

This typhoon event better be good. Also it’s Taoist prayer breeds not Daoist a Dao is a Chinese broad sword. Not even sure they use pray breeds

The SC is understandable that’s whatever but when can F2P have an event we can fully enjoy ? It’s been almost 4 months since we got something good


Look I dont like how they are handling the game but in 4 years i never remember a time where i had 600 bennies in a month. The pathways event was probably one of the best free to play events ever.


That’s a good point the free Benny’s was nice

I respectfully disagree.
Although the Benny’s were the only benefit to me.
I personally feel screwed.

Sediment on some of the forums has similar outcry.
Are you using your Benny’s and medals on assending any gen1 toons?
I personally was waiting for relevant toons that are usable with today’s meta.


NO its not! WTF is a prayer breed? maybe fact check next time you correct someone.

Again totally wrong
maybe try:

Jesus. So aggressive. You need a hug.

If you ever need anything answered or double checked just know i am here for you


I have a question actually. Where do babies come from ?

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God makes babies and puts them into the guy and then the guy transfers the baby to the women and then the women delivers and creates something beautiful.


Negan wasn’t hard to get at all, I picked up negan and alpha could’ve gotten governer too but already had multiples of him and didn’t want another

Take a few months break. Come back later to see if there are improvements.

You won’t miss much anyways, it’s what I’m doing.

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And thats a fact!

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Does that mean men deliver the baby first to the women? Women then do the other half of delivery! :exploding_head: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Medical science been wrong then.

Except for those of us who’s games crashes during war & hordes the last week of pathways.

I got NOTHING from the event bc my game was locked out for the last 8 days of it

A guy has over 500 billion babies in them and he doesn’t deliver the baby but transfers about 300 million babies to the girl and those 300 million race against each other and the winner gets the best prize of all and thats life.

The race is fair and square with no rng or pay to win

Watch. It’s not gonna be a f2p event. It has typhoon in the name and then the beads will be a thing. If they’re following stereotypes that one s-class character is gonna be released. I’ll look for the pic.

Edit: Well nevermind. There’s multiple S-Class leaks. Would be unproductive if I post them.

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As A free f2p player that use to be a moderate spender. I got zero cross bones last event. I am starting to question why keep playing

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MrT ? He was in that weird apocalypse movie. He is an interesting actor.