This game is stale


This game is like stale bread lately … it’s so bad crw back to back sup pulls from nnivedsary wheels … then you have this new event that’s so boring it litterly makes me want to … anyways



Sure is.


Lately?? It’s been like this for about a year. You have to live with it unfortunately if you wanna keep playing the game


It’s like watching paint dry


true but, Faction Assault doubled down on the staleness.

As least Leagues made Territories interesting again


Stale as fuck. Cash grab after cash grab. Good job I picked a new shiny game up. Also it’s almost Fallout 76 & RDR2 time :grimacing:


Developers efforts have been to improve profitability not gameplay.
It’s a dangerous formula and a testiment to addiction.

not a good sign when collect-all rewards from territories is the main player asked for progress. (Thank you again by the way… can we have another from our list)


I still see the same teams I saw when 6 stars came out lol, almost no varied teams, the only ones that do actually change a lot are the p2p ones…


totally agreed with u. this game is no more fun 100% boring unfortunaitly


They don’t care apparently though instead of coming out with new interactive things to do they pull a cash grab like faction onslought … promo after promo as soon as you get your team to fighting strength they drop 10 more promos that make your team worthless again … I for one am over it and close to completely done


Because the starting toons like Ty, Dwight, Shiva, Zeke, Mira, and Carl are WAY better than the f2p crap they have been putting up on offer. It’s like here’s a turd you can grind for (Javier, Garret, etc.) and here’s what you can get if your willing to gamble and spend (Lydia, Rosie, Shield Jebs, Revive Ty, etc.).


I posted about the 6* gear bottleneck a couple days ago. Its about time to release that roadmap and make that gear accessible like they did with 5* gear… This pay system to get gear is ridiculous. Give us the gear and we’ll create some veried and nuanced teams… Scopely, help us make RTS great again!!!


It isn’t about the gear … it’s cut paste events money grab lame boring war it’s just com-let’s dogshit after completedogshit lol … the devs have no focus and there is no fun anymore whatsoever in this game


If by interesting, you mean nobody can hold a territory for more than an hour after the shield, then I agree.


I meant more in the sense of its interesting watching people argue about it and blaming each other in global


Its all systemic of the same problem in my mind. It all points to the same problem of “minimal effort on their part for maximum payout for them”. This game is very quickly pushing away the F2P players and the low end spenders with their antics. Territories is a disaster right now and because they haven’t monetized it they won’t be fixing it… Unless you count the fact that they will sell you territory refills… Then they REALLY won’t fix it. Onslaught was a SPECTACULAR failure… And I’ll tell you this… They will NEVER admit this but I think Onslaught was gonna be their attempt at a LIVE RAIDS event but they couldn’t get the coding right so they released it as we see it now and its embarrassingly bad. How about it @JB.Scopely ? Wanna break your silence and weigh in or should I track you down on Line, Discord or some other platform? Lol


With that I can not argue.


Is been like a month where I just go there make a few points like in 10 or 15 minutes and don’t open the game until the next day, I think my faction haven’t notice but more probably they don’t really care much at this point either


Remember the “missed” easy gear day on thursday?
Here’s it’s new replacement.
First time it’s been available X3.

Paying players first.


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