This game is really way too expensive!

Spent almost 2k coins on one day on prayers beads :prayer_beads: and torches and still can’t finish the roadmaps!!! i don’t know whether to scream or cry

So literally you’d need like 10k coins per day which equal 100$ per day?? Is scopely a coocko-bird? if u want to buy stuff for events and do roadmaps etc… That’s so damn expensive wtf

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So don’t spend. Problem solved.


Maybe he will realize what bucket he is in soon?


Lol he did. My comment is gone. But I still stand by it.

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dont spend just play this game without money anymore and case closed

Spending itg is super dumb, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, it’s just bad investment, hence dumb. Compulsive gambling in casinos make sense but this? Nope…
Not to mention, I removed my card from Play Store :grin: useless bucket but a happy and smart one loool


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If you want Zhu, buy the book through skybound.

Otherwise, look for cheaper ways to get the stash rewards.

What do u mean by buy the book

What do u mean by buy the book on sky

If you preorder from skybound the new WD comic series you’ll get in the game zhu.
Skybound is who owns the walkingdead.
It was a email only though I think you had to be sent it.

It’s £28.99. That is one hell of an expensive book

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