This game is frustrating

There is an event is which you raid for shovels to get rewards. It has several days left but has been eclipsed by the Halloween cauldrons. So now you get either or during the final hours of the event.

It’s fustrating that the events overlap and basically make it impossible to finish as now the rewards are diminished. I know scopee has done this in the past. They keep doing stuff like this. I guess why do we bother playing this game is the real question.

Why is it so difficult to let an event finished before starting another one that directly replaces the rewards? I have said it a million times game makers have lost touch and don’t even know how their own game works.


Another thread… Smh… Do a search. It was already said various times that shovels would have stopped to drop on the 24th…

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Just because there was a message about it doesn’t make it less stupid. There was no need to start the Halloween event when shovels were still dropping.


But it’s more likely that the shovels stopped dropping cos the event ended and the Halloween event started once that ended. But since most people likely overlooked the end time they are saying that both events are overlapping


There was overlap. I was getting shovels up until yesterday afternoon and also getting cauldrons since that roadmap started.

But I agree with the above poster. Should not have had both drops running at the same time


They dropped extremely rare last night US eastern time

It really seemed like it was one or the other. Can anyone say they got both out of a raid?

It’s fairly simple don’t double up so players are no confused and gives fair chance to finish. Complaints about how events end has been a long term issue.

It one ended and the other started like every other event in the game it wouldn’t be a thing.

that’s why they have crates so u can buy those shovels. dont worry the shovels will be used in a Christmas shovel the snow event, where u can pull for a 3 star char

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