This game fails to keep its promises and purpose. Just read this


Huge fail on Scopley’s part. I went on Google play, and read their summary of the game, and got a laugh out of it. The last part said “Exciting rewards.” That right there is a lie. If rewards was soo exciting, the community wouldn’t be complaining about it. I just found that ironic, and here’s the proof for it.

Next fail, is how Scopley lures new players in by telling them that this game is about decision making. In the beginning this game was about decision making when it came to the story mode, but as time went on, Scopley got more interested in creating more OP toons and new events instead of focusing on their story mode. After that the story driven decisions turned into real life decision for their players. Now the only decision making players made was deciding if they should waste money on trying to get new toons from the wheel, even though they knew only 3s would come out, or quit the game all together. Most got fed up with Scopley due to not being able to get the toon they spent money on. It’s now 2017, and players still have no new story modes out bc Scopley decided to put all their focus on new 6 metas, and put toons people worked hard for and paid to get. Decision making is horrific in this game, and the only choice now is to keep playing to hope Scopley makes the game better, or to quit all together. At this rate of the game, players find it hard to keep playing and trust Scopley because the rewards and even some of the events are not exciting as they claim, and decision making sucks. Here is the proof of Scopley talking about decision making in the game.

Lastly, this game would be a lot better if Scopley and LiveOps listened to the community. We want more story missions and more decision making within the whole game like you did for the Call to Arms Facebook messenger game. We want better rewards and better communication from Scopley to know what the heck is going on.

Thank you for your time


Scopley be like …



Lol yeah


I hate to piss on your fire, but the term “exciting” is subjective. I’m sure there are a few people who have been “excited” to get an attempt at OG Greesus.

And also it says that the decision making is in the story mode, which it is.

This is text designed to lure new players in, not please those of us who have been knocking around for years. I’m sure with a new players view of the game, the rewards probably are exciting because they would still be relevant.

And as per the recent discussions on story mode in other threads, pretty sure no-one actually gives a shit about the story except a handful of people here. It got dull round about Stage 16. Yet they dragged it out for another 7 stages which cost high energy, gave little in the way of increased rewards and repeated the same tired formula with a bunch of side characters no one cares about. But I’ve said this all already: