This Forum Is Pro-Whale/Top 1%

It really just is. Most of the players that use the forum are either whales or in top 2 factions. This really skews what the majority of the player-base thinks. When non-spenders have a problem, they don’t care but when a problem impacts their community, they start caring. I suggest an idea to decrease LTT hoarding and they cry that they wouldn’t be able to screw at least 3 other factions over. It’s disgusting how greedy most players on this forum can be. I don’t want these people representing me on the PC. Get them out now.


Careful with posts like this, they get really offended and will target every post/comment you make lol

I do agree, the forums is a small % of the player base. I know a few who dont come on the forums simply cause of how toxic it is so their opinions/vote/voice, etc isnt counted and it does skew the odds but honestly theirs favoritism played here, line, the game itself which will always skew odds


Honestly most of the people on here are f2p it’s what 90% of the threads are: f2p feeling screwed over by Scopely constantly so idk what you’re idea was but maybe it just didn’t work or something else (I’ve got no clue what it was so I’m trying to be unbiased here)


Yes without the whales the game would die

Explain the PC being mostly made up of whales.

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no i not spent any

Sounds inflammatory


So @Parker is a whale now? Never thought I’d see the day

Forums and PC are relatively separate groups I see posts complaining about the PC constantly on here but your claim is forum is pro whale and that just isnt true now whether the PC is or isn’t I’ve got no clue idk what the current roster is after most quit from it but as far as I know @Parker and @LadyGeek aren’t whales but you could be right :man_shrugging:t2:

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I said “mostly”.

Other way around bud without f2p war would suck

it’s probably just because you post a riduculous amount of silly ideas, like nerf human shield

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You are right, there’s a heavy bias. It makes sense, people spending time on the forum are usually the people who also spend a lot of time in game, and will generally take every opportunity to move up.

I don’t mind it so much tbh, of course people are going to advocate for what benefits them. I mind more when they claim to speak for mid-level factions, obviously without any clue what it’s like.

Your territory suggestion just wasn’t very good though. It’s a bad event and desperately needs fixing, but that’s not the way to go about it. The whole faction event structure needs to be rethought, I’d say, except war and onslaught which only need tweaks.

There is no way you are more than like 20 years old. Maybe 21.

Players don’t agree with your posts so then after each one you start a new thread complaining about it. How childish. You posted an idea and players disagreed. Deal with it. Scopely won’t listen to you anyway.


Whale of a time maybe.

No-one’s ever actually said that


As a company, scopely is pro-profit.
The game is a means to that profit.

Whales are their main desired demographic.
They’ve catered the game excessively to incentivize people into spending… the big hint is they have an Executive Vice President of Monetization.

His focus isnt in making the game more fun.

PC is meant as a reminder that they need to have more fun… Or even the whales will unplug

Loving that hat


thats so cute

Ironically, this is what I stated you 1%ers do on the forum. You don’t care and say stupid stuff like “deal with it” or “stop whining” but when you want something done you want to be a hypocrite. Don’t tell me to do something then you go and do it. You’re not better than me.

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You should make the same complaints for war too. The top keep taking the top prizes and it is really unfair imo. Help us who can’t get things actually get things please.