This forum is a waste of time

I giggle to myself even as I type but it would be great to even get an offical response. Who ever is the official Scopley rep answer me this, what use is this forum and your customer service? I dare you to reply in consise and honest fashion. Lmao


@TayTron is the only one that may reply…good luck.

As my good friend once said, “once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense.”


isn’t that from watchmen

It is indeed

The PC read the threads, I’m also pretty sure that Taytron also reads a fair few. The ideas get forwarded by PC, quite a few have been implemented by Scopely.
And on the other side of the coin, many players get information and ideas from the forum.
Plus it’s ruddy entertaining.

Definitely not a waste of time :stuck_out_tongue:


*Asserts presence*


And that is nice but like the post said we want someone oficial from scopely answering the important questions like some time ago we use to have,it wasnt perfect but at least we had some answers. unlike now that we have to rely on other players that may or may not have some real info

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I don’t dispute that but he said PC and I responded accordingly to my bat signal.


Whether or not the forum is a waste of time depends how you use it.

If the intention is to communicate directly with Scopely then yes it is. Tagging CMs and Devs and hoping they will even read it let alone respond is likely a waste of time.

Posting a thread demanding any assistance from Scopely employees is a waste of time.

Ranting directly at Scopely is probably a waste of time but if it makes people feel better, maybe it’s not 🤷

Personally, I find the forum useful because I like to see the viewpoints of other people and sometimes just talking about stuff with other players helps. Knowing other people share the same frustrations can be somewhat reassuring in a weird way lol


It was about the same when GR was around to say he’d take it to the team

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At least he gave the illusion that someone was paying attention :joy:


@GR.Scopely please come back to us we didn’t know what we had when we had yoouuu :joy:


:joy: exactly! Now its like we are talking to a wall. I take the “i take it to the team” answer rather than the silence


Just tag @WalkerTexasRanger… he definately taking it to the team… like Chuck Norris strong silent and omnipotent.

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Why do people keep trying to derail this thread?

Everyone knows Tupac ain’t dead.

They are hating on the greatest rapper of all time

Never mind the topic has been removed as it has been deemed offencive. A joke to be honest

The thread should be titled this game, or even more appropriately Scopely, but I digress.

Allow me to ask this about the forum

I sure am.