This feature is amazing!


The 30 day reward pass crate reward toons are now old and not really usab;e against the new 6* toons! please can you update it so that more people can buy it. i refuse to purchase anything till its done!


so you would want useless rewards even after spending money?


Thats the name of the of the game. Check out this weeks war rewards.


This is what this game is about spending thousands to get nothing! Unless you start to think of the glitches\errors\lies as a reward then you’ll win big time!


Also you’d have a better chance of things being changed if you start off with"this is the best"or"this feature is awesome"or"this helps so many" anything good gets"fixed"right away!


Forget the 30 day offer, just watch coin videos each day. You should get about 80-90 coins per day from them.


Finally a positive response. And a good one at that!




@kalishane Please check this thread