This events are costing too much energy

Oh man it’s just me ?? But the new average for this new events are 20 energy or higher, defenaly getting a pound on our resources and to be honest it’s no way to get daily cans “daily mission” or any other way besides buying them.
The bigger issue I think is the rewards we get it from missions…its ridiculous!! No real value for the crazy amount of energy per stage. Easier is to farm world map 25-8 , we get more resources relevant to the high level stage , compared with this events that give us rewards relevant to world map 5-8 for the same energy. They could start giving 4*,5* parts and armory tokens , trainers or even a small choice crate with 30 cards , so many things they could add for 20, 30, 40 of ours already limited energy resources.
I’m thankful for they try different things but be reasonable, every day we can easily use 2 or 3 cans so we can participate the events and it’s not completely worth if you supply us with chances to get daily cans, or just lower the energy amount of those crazy events stages!!..


It is getting ridiculous now. There’s no good reason for the cost of most of these roadmaps to be as high as they are. Especially when they don’t drop a decent amount of regular items, characters or survivors, meaning we still have to do regular farming on top.


If we have to spend so much energy and time in roadmaps, they really need to give more survivors.


You don’t have to run all roadmaps :joy:


The “Trainer Frenzy” could of been a decent side event if the energy cost wasn’t a ridiculous 30 per final stage for the Lillys. Most of my faction has given it a hard pass.
Even with free 5 refills it just isn’t worth it.
Shame as per usual.


5 free refills all run on 25.8 two training grounds now going for 7 days, plus all the other resources. Better than the flowers me thinks lol


We all agree that this is ridiculous… but we’re looking at it from a long term player perspective… now look at it from a noob who picked it up because he likes the AMC show and the game mechanics and graphics looks kind of cool. There’s even plenty to do, he won’t get bored so soon…
Until you realize a noob has an energy limit of 20-30 or so… I can’t imagine a single one of them would not say “fook dat sheet, gonna play something that makes sense” and uninstall the game.
Does this make sense to you, @TayTron???


cant agree more… twd rts is the most unfriendly game to new players… this company doesnt do anything without gaining something.


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