This event sucks


Sorry Shane, it’s terrible. There’s nothing to do. I don’t get why the acts have to be spaced out over 42 days. Future events should be shorter.


Probably gives new members an actual chance at obtaining Dwayne. He is going to be pretty cool given that he is a free character that we’re all probably going to have. :slight_smile:


You could make that argument if there was anything available to work on towards him right now. The problem is more with the dead time then with what is actually involved. There is no reason at least one new stage of the event can’t open each day and cut down all this waiting around.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly agree with you. There is so much we could be doing instead of farming the same ol’ Level Up roadmap as we wait. Given that Survival Road is coming soon, there’s not much to do this week, which is a shame.



I like the downtime, would kill for more world cans to work XP some more though!

Sr is a decent distraction and xp booster, this event is slow start but will most likely ramp up to a break neck pace towards the end with flash maps and blitz events like TTG a long time ago


… the event does suck… but my biggest gripe is the fact we’ve had what? 3 tournaments since it started and ive only had 1 pull at the lucille tokens from a damn roadmap. Id rather take a gamble at the wheel of dissapointment than accept what i recieved from my faction finishing 1st in the raid tournament. Its abysmal.


@Rockdale You always have to think about the new player too that might not have been playing as long as you, they deserve a chance at this event too. Don’t forget the people that have jobs and go to school, they might not have as much time for this game so the event length also gives them a chance. This is time for you to do anything you want and give you a little freedom away from the game, if you don’t want that then you could also do building upgrades, scavenger missions, territories and farming story missions and roadmaps. I get that you are bored but really, how many times have you created a thread or joined in on a thread and made a post that says you are bored or an event sucks? There is always something to do in the game, it’s just up to you on how bored you really are with it.


I don’t want anything you talking about I want a event that doesn’t suck balls


If you spent more time in the game than on here, maybe you would be bored to or in a faction higher then 10th. There’s no reason scopely can’t alter events for newer and older regions. They are just lazy. I will keep on voicing my displeasures because I invested my own money in this company.


I get that there needs to be tournaments and prizes that can be achieved and utilized by various levels of players. A good concept would be to have different tournament tiers that can be entered. Obviously if you are a newer or weaker player you can use your tournament token to enter a lower tier of tournament with lesser prizes but a better likelihood of success or placing. Have higher tiered tournament options where more experienced or stronger players can enter where the competition will be tougher but the prizes more matching with the needs of this player type. Like survival road, have bronze, silver, gold, elite or legendary levels of tournaments like level up, raid, SR, etc. where the player can chose the tournament level they wish to compete in and have a better chance of facing similar strength competition. Sure a strong player could join a weaker tournament level and succeed but the prizes would reflect on this and make it not worth the while for this strength of player.


Can you shut up now? You asked for it and I gave it to you! Pretty sure your way more active than I am on here.


I am not as active in here as you think I am. I will shut up now though, I will let your thread go back to dropping in the mess of all the other pointless threads, and stop giving it attention, and you can get back to your complaining.


Clearly your profile says otherwise


No reason to conplain. You should trust that scopely has a plan and if you don’t want to wait, you don’t have to participate