This event is broken

The onslaught event is broken , the energy that you get makes impossible to complete all of the cakes , if i get all the kills , for 8 hours of even not even missing one i get 190 kills , the last thing you get is 700 , not even close for 8 hours of work without even missing one guy , i understand you want to sell coins to make people spend on energy but this is actualy really impossible for a f2p to even get something worth a while , if i am doing something wrong good but from what i’ve played this event it seems like a premium event. Edit : forget it i am a potato sack for how dumb i am , the points are from the whole faction not me


We had 1000 wins milestone last time. Just saying.

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You know those totals are faction total not individual?

Did you read the edit or not ? Read the edit before asking my good sir.

Maam and thanks didn’t see that lol

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