This event is boring

Anyone else Bored? I swear this event gonna be boring.


Can’t be bothered with this p2p shit

Players: Can we get something simple like login events and stash for this xmas… nothing too time consuming?


In order to obtain Princess, you will need to obtain Teddy Bears , and collect your rewards in the Teddy Bear Reward Missions

  • Collect 10 Teddy Bears in order to get a 5* Ascendable Princess
  • Collect 60 Teddy Bears in order to get a second 5* Ascendable Princess
  • Collect up to 425 Teddy Bears to collect enough S-Class Princess Cards to redeem for an S-Class Princess!

S-Class Princess will remain attainable after the event ends. Please stay tuned for further communications to be provided at a later date.

Collectibles Where to Find Where to Redeem Reward
Elf Hats Bear Hunt Story Roadmap, Arenas, War, Survival Road Tournaments, Premium Arrow Token Wheel Elf Hat, Tickets & Arrows Missions Ride Tickets, Arrows
Ride Tickets Elf Hat Missions Ride Ticket Roadmaps Teddy Bears!
Arrows Elf Hat Missions Premium Arrow Roadmaps, Premium Arrow Collection Teddy Bears!
Silver Quills Level Up Tournament Rank Rewards + Offers Premium Arrow Roadmaps, Premium Arrow Collection Teddy Bears!
Silver Quills Level Up Tournament Rank Rewards + Offers Premium Silver Quill Roadmap Teddy Bears!

Premium Letters,
Gold Quills|
|Premium Letters|Premium Arrow Token Wheel|Last Words: Premium Mission|Teddy Bears!|
|Letters|It’s a mystery!|Bear Hunt Missions|Teddy Bears!|
|Gold Quills|Premium Arrow Token Wheel, Premium Silver Quill Roadmap, Offers|Last Words: Premium Mission|Your choice of Letters, including premium|

Where do I get Teddy Bears?

  • Complete the Bear Hunt Story Roadmap
    • 3 Teddy Bears will be rewarded for completion
  • Complete Ride Ticket and Arrow Roadmaps
    • Ride Ticket Roadmap roadmaps reward 1 Teddy Bear per completion and require 3x Ride Tickets to complete. Players will be able to complete this roadmap many times to obtain Teddy Bears, provided they compete in game modes to earn sufficient Ride Tickets.
      • Ride Tickets will be available from the Elf Hat, Tickets & Arrows Missions. Collect Elf Hats from the Bear Hunt Story Roadmap, Arena drops, War Siege victory reward, and Survival Road Tournament milestone rewards
      • A total of 277 Ride Tickets will be available via Elf Hat, Tickets & Arrows Missions
      • Premium Arrow Roadmaps roadmaps award 12 Teddy Bears per completion. They each require 3 Silver Quills to unlock and 10 Feathered Arrows to complete. Arrows will be available from the Elf Hat, Tickets & Arrows Missions.
      • Silver Quills will be available via offers and Level Up Tournament rank rewards
      • A total of 277 Feathered Arrows will be available via Elf Hat, Tickets & Arrows Mission
    • Premium Arrow Collections award 3 Teddy Bears per completion. They each require 1 Silver Quill and 3 Feathered Arrows. Premium Arrow Roadmaps deliver 20% better value than Premium Arrow Collections. It is not advised to use Arrow Collections unless you lack enough Arrows / Quills for the Roadmap or are unable to complete the Arrow Roadmaps before the event ends.
  • Complete letter hunt events in the Last Words: Bear Hunt Missions and Last Words: Premium Event Missions
    • Last Words: Bear Hunt Missions will provide a new word once every 3 days. 9 total words will available for completion over the course of the event. 1 Teddy Bear will be awarded per word, meaning 9 total bears can be obtained from Bear Hunt Missions.
      • Look for clues and work with your faction to complete these missions and obtain the right letters in order to obtain Teddy Bears! See below for more details and your first clue.
    • Last Words: Premium Event Missions will provide a new phrase once every 3 days. 9 total phrases will be available for completion over the course of the event. Premium Letters will be required in order to complete these missions.5 Teddy Bears will be awarded per premium word completed, for a total of 15 Teddy Bears per segment. A total of 135 Teddy Bears will be available for completing all 9 Last Words: Premium Event Missions .
      • Premium letters will drop in Premium Roadmaps, which require Silver Quills to open (via offers).
      • The Premium Arrow Token Wheel will also include Premium letters, in addition to Elf Hats and rare Gold & Silver Quills.
      • Collect Gold Quills to redeem for the letter of your choice.

Bonus Optional Red Velvet Collection

For players who choose not to pursue Princess, we’ve included a Red Velvet cake collection allowing an exchange of Ride Tickets and Red Velvet Cakes for a choice of 1,000 S-Class collectibles. This collection can be found in the Museum.

Last Words Event Details – Solve the Clues!

To complete the Last Words mission event, you will need to solve clues provided within each mission’s description to earn each letter in the designated word. For example, in the word – “Tinsel” – the clue for N is “Negan (Defeat)”. To complete this mission, you will need to defeat 6* Alert “Payback” Negan 5 times in order to unlock your letter.

Some clues are more difficult than others. The most challenging clues are designated by an asterisk “*” and have a special roadmap that will provide additional hints. In these roadmaps, pay attention to the details, as there may be specific weapons of relevance, characters that you will need to defeat, or fighters to level up and upgrade in order to complete the mission. The rewards from these Roadmaps can also be relevant in solving clues. For example, one of the Roadmaps may reward a Fighter that needs to be leveled up to complete a mission.

To start you off, we’re giving you the solution to the first challenge letter of the event (T* is for Train); to complete this mission, level up 5* “Tutor” Governor (provided in the T* Roadmap) 20 times.
Work together with your Faction to solve all of the clues. Pay close attention and experiment to solve for each letter but be careful – some clues may not be exactly what you think!

Letters and Gold Quills collected will only count for the active segment. This means that if you collect the letter “A” and 1x Gold Quill in Segment 1, your progress will not carry over to Segment 2 or 3. If you need another “A” in Segment 2 or 3, you will need to collect another during that segment.

  • Silver Quills will persist across segments. So if you have extra from the first segment, you can continue to use them throughout the remaining segments

Silver Quill Premium roadmaps will appear at random intervals with varying durations. Please do not be alarmed if a Silver Quill roadmap is not currently active or available. Completing these roadmaps will provide the letter reflected in the Roadmap title.

Here you go. Enjoy your Holidays


Once the gate comes Im gonna ■■■■■■■ use it all I can.

Scopely can’t do a classic snowball login (Solange) But no they can make everything paid to win.

I’m done with it

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Same. Instead of a simple xmas collectible login for a toon Scopely does this shit again

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I’d love to be able to grind for Princess but no scopely won’t even let you do that :fu:


This event really has given me a headache

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Two weeks from xmas they release an event that looks like it takes way too many hrs, over complicated with once again very little or no chance of getting the main reward .
What a stupid company.
Casual play on it for me , as ive stated its xmas , hundreds of more exciting and rewarding things to do then this boring ass event


Last year they did a snowball login for solange (Whos now not a excluse anymore)

Something like that would have been better, having an event like this at xmas is stupid asf.
I mean you think will all the amount of time they spend creating such complicated events they could actually instead spend that time on things that really matter to the players like fixing all the broken shit in this game


There too busy counting money and milking the game before it ■■■■■■■ dies out.

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Such a turn off when you have to revise an exam to take part

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defo dying, all these bugs are the game having spasms and seizures on its deathbed

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Started this game yesterday and already got free staff.
Another game where devs sending gifts.

And scopely gives us p2w complicated event :man_facepalming:t2:


“Something like” gives them too much leeway. :pleading_face:


Or even the ridiculous amount of grind required for just a single lousy 5-star version of her.

What happened to things like the Solange stash where we got a decent toon and a bunch of gear and all it required was logging in each day.

They done lost their #%#& minds over there. Just the absolutely greediest sons of ##%.


Lol marvel future fight gives new players 5 6* a tier 2 ( better than 6*) and a 6* premium charcther within a month of starting. Constantly every week you get a select 6* at the end of every month you get a tier 2 ticket and a ctp ( the premium way to make charcthers better. Not to mention lots of other ways to get free characters by just starting a mission.

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It makes my head hurt to where I refuse to read up, so I will just chill & wait for the gate.


I’ve been playing State of Survial and Into the dead 2 by pik pok. I love the heck out of them! All my games are heaping on free stuff. Im not doing this downer :poop::poop:.