This company really take us for some dumb sh#t

Why sell us a chance of 15k balloon and we can only claims 10k in the museum ??:flushed::thinking::thought_balloon::thought_balloon::thought_balloon:


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Thats scopley for you

Mainly because everyone knows they are only going to get 1000.

Those who think differently are the ones scopely are after.

Pay to play

Lol this company really don’t know how to make money or bait their players

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But look at the big pretty numbers! Spend now, think later! All the cool whales do it!

Just like the legend ring don’t help toon you get 10 add on on each ring

I got a few but haven’t used them

Me to got 3 add. To my toon got 30 add on to my toon

This game is getting super boring cause they are too tight with even outdated toon gosh look at the war wheel and the odds for 5 star token wheel and we are at S-class now

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