This Christmas Event needs RETHINKING

So as per usual, i tend to spend on museum collections/events/stashes because my bucket choices are super limited to GF or dont bother.

Ive been purchasing the items that pop up BUT as we have always come to expect, there isnt enough Silver Quills to go around. Im now stuck with 2 quills and 45 Arrows … and have only run that roadmap once.

@GR.Scopely can we get this looked at as its rapidly becoming that of all these events lately. buy items but not have the “KEYS” to enter time limited roadmaps … until the last day or 2

~We deserve better


You deserve better but you won’t get any better when you keep spending. If you’re already buying it, why make it any better?


I agree. A total mismatch.

The s in the missions is also unclear. I got it easily in one region and can’t crack it in another and I swear I did not get 10 wins with all 5 members alive anywhere else.

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