This aaron stash is triggering


So much for lori being before him


Lori is gonna be part of an event, as @kalishane said it.
Many are speculating that it has something to do with mother’s day.
The good thing is that it’s only a few days away,
which means that they can start working on the new list.


Yeah but im still triggered


Don’t worry guys we will get a free Aaron during pride month


Was really looking forward to seeing Lori.


Keywords mate here event
Also note new list gpt made recently
Who’s not to say may login event
I mean Feb was Maggieand who wouldnt want a free lori


How much does Aaron work out if you buy the whole stash?


The good news is, we only have 1 more character before the characters on the next list start getting implemented.


Are u sure wasn’t Norma going to go Legendary?


Never heard of Norma getting ascendable.


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