Thinking of buying a Nintendo switch

Anyone like the things? Don’t really have time for sit down consoles like the ps4 or Xbox one so was thinking of getting one.

I have two young children so was thinking of getting one soon also :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I have the Switch Lite. It’s kinda neat

Definitely less hassle than a proper console. And more like playing ‘real’ games than mobile gaming

the switch lite is a solid purchase, im also thinking about getting one


Alright, I ordered one. It’s a piss yellow one though, unfortunately. Was $50 cheaper on Walmart than the other colors.

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I got turquoise

Nice. Thinking of getting mortal kombat. How does it run on the lite?

No idea sorry. There are some games that don’t work optimally on Lite though, so worth doing some research.

Alright, I’m gonna get it.
Also, I’m getting Skyrim, but are those new Pokemon games any good?

I have switch and it’s the best gaming experience one can imagine. one minute you play no 60 inch screen, next you continue on a train or plane. games are great, especially Zelda. money well spent.

It’s the lite, not the full switch

switch is decent…But you could save a litle more to get a pc

2 DS lites sitting in the draw just got a dust off, now where’s my Pokemon Gold😂 old school rules

I have one somewhere with a ds4 cartridge in it from years ago

The switch is softmoddable now. If you have time & patience id definitely get one just to soft mod & play with.

Don’t have space or time to play on a pc unfortunately

I dunno what soft modding is. Care to explain a little?

It’s where you use an exploit to allow you to gain further control over your system. Hardmodding is using hardware, like soldering in microchips that do the same thing. Softmodding is via software.

So for example I softmodded my sons Wii U, this allows him to run non nintendo programs on it for all sorts of things. He has one called Nintendont which allows the virtual Wii on his Wii U backwards compatibility to play game cube games. He also has USB loader which allows you to play games from an external HDD, they run slightly faster than discs & theres no worry of scratching them.

Also he has a bunch of Emulators so he can play a whole bunch of games. Theres also an app that allows you to use any bluetooth controller with it, at one point we where playing Mario kart using Playstation controllers.

But yeah, softmodding allows you full control over your system.

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Oh okay sounds cool. Thanks

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can that ruin the system tho