Think I've made a mistake on Hengyen's weapon, what do you think?

So I went against what I was planning (waiting for his collection) and Sclassed Hengyen. This meant I’ve been able to do his weapon over. Unfortunately because I had 4 blowtorches due to arenas I rushed it without thinking it through and used 2 of them to get his weapon up to Huge Ap on attack and +35 crit with 1 slot left.

However due to the 100% crit for Fast avaliable in slot 4 when I make it a 5 star weapon, I think sthat crit boost is pointless. I was originally going to go for the hp team player boost but the damage he does at T1 lvl1 on a crit is crazy good.
With 100% crit I could have the weapon with huge Ap and +45% attack. I can also ignore the crit chance mod and instead go a full crit set: Attack top left, attack against trait top right, Stun Resist bottom right, crit damage increase bottom left and that leaves the middle slot open where before I had crit chance increase. This could either be an attack against another trait to make him even more damaging, a resist, an Ap down, a damage over time or an attack increase when impaired/taunted.
With the crit set boost and a crit damage boost mod, combined with every attack boost he can get he should be an absolute monster even with basic attacks!

What’s your thoughts? Should I forget the hp team player route, reset and go for attack with the intention of the 100% crit slot? Since I don’t have to craft a slot 3 special, I’d just need to keep crafting for the huge Ap.

When you see 30 on a weapon, it’s usually natural instinct to increase it rather than replace it.

I think going for the attack is the best choice with him. He just becomes a decap who can rely on his teammates if he cant secure the kill


Aye I’m starting to think that way, until I manage to craft a 100% crit on him I can rely on his AS to give him a boost I reckon.

Problem is once you increase that as there is no going back…

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Im not sure that 100 crit boost on slot 4 is the max crit boost u can give him. Does that slot 4 mean he always crits every attack? Im a bit skeptical

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It says 100% crit so only walkers could resist it I would assume.

Aye true, that’s what makes it a difficult decision.

It’s 100% apparently. That’s what makes me so tempted since hitting with a toon that has a crit set and crit damage boost increases the damage massively. Plus his AR counts as basic attacks so it’ll even apply to that.

The other option would be to upgrade a Jesus Blade to have +45% attack on opponents with 50%+ hp, keep it at Very Large Ap and upgrade attack to 40%. Then make it 5 star, get the 100% crit, add another 10% attack.
Now he’s attacking with base +95% attack. Add the normal +40% leader for a total of 235% attack, at 244% damage on that attack (my crit damage mod is 44%) before any additional buffs are added - and that’s on a basic attack.

Im pretty sure you’re right. Didnt they say before that it could go above 100% and not necessarily crit each time?

Edit: found the quote

Yes and no
Fasts also have extend dot atks for slot 4 as you can imagine henygen gets used with bleed
… Hengyen atks dude with bleed twice
Extends bleed by 2 turns and lands head hunter

They said it could go above 100 not above 100%. This is the first time we have ever seen crit with a percentage sign after it

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Also another good way to run him :slightly_smiling_face:

This could legit mean 100% chance to crit. But given the recent spate or errors, it is just as likely to be an error and actually mean +100 crit. If only this was the good old days where dev’s actually engaged with the community to discuss how the game works…


Yes you did a huge mistake. Hengyen doesn’t need any crit chance buf from weaponor mods , his active skill is enough you should’ve go for att in weapon and crit damage in mods .

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No he wouldn’t extend anything, cause the two attacks happen before the bleed / stun

If your rocking a bleed comp and you’ve applied bleed the bleed before then it would extend and get stacked

Yeah , but not for your first rush

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