Things you/I have noticed lately

I’ve been noticing a few things recently and wondering if anyone else has noticed changes too.
I think sometimes Scopley has minor stealth updates and changes to certain stats.

War energy drops have been lowered.
In this war I noticed and my war refill count is down about 40 cans. A lot more than normal.
Going for towers and such as normal.

Surivivor drops in world map has fallen on average.
I’ve been getting a lot of 17 and 20s from 23.1-8
Been harder to keep my training grounds running.

My disarm toons have been getting less Crits.
My Crit mods and weapons have only got better in last week but my toons Crit rates are down.
Especially Michonnne it seems but that may because I notice more with her.

Sunday’s has become world energy drain as we all know…but Supply Depot has been getting lass refills again.
(Also why get Supply Depot points in War crates if we have nothing to use them on…)

Stuff like this adds up and I can see why they would change these sorts of things…(£$¥€)

Anyone else noticed these things or anything different?
(Please don’t reply with a screenshot of you getting 120+ Survivors…I know it’s still possible)


And the answer is…RNG


In my situation, my ivanova with 70+ of critic dont activate her skill

I’m on a hot streak of armoury fails since SC rolled out :tired_face:



My last 4 have failed to get Crit with Territories but that steak ended today.
Only over last few days

Strange, me also lol i have insane weapon luck, since SC came out… Nothing

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Survivors Club bud

Yeah me too usually. Have Ajax benched cus I can’t land stun. On 13th attempt now and nada, every single attempt hasn’t hit crit, always bonus defence.

I am aware there are extremes at both ends,

My weapon success has been average at best.
I am up 18 war cans alone after this weekend.
My training grounds are +25 days and counting.
I run 23.8 only. and typically fill the survivor bar with my 83 energy.
I have Michonne and Bruce and had zero issues with disarm this weekend.

this is not a low key flex.

just stating that it’s all RNG

and you’re having a bad run



Thought it was just me.

Willing to bet you anything someone’s gonna come in here and call us delusional.@


I wouldn’t say delusional. I would say lack of understanding of how RNG actually works and that’s A-ok. Many players have a hard time understanding this. It’s easier to blame someone for bad luck (although RNG is the true culprit) rather than understand what is actually occurring based off of RNG/odds.

Stating that changes must have occurred only because you’ve had crappy luck is the arse talking. On the other side of things, some players ended up with more war cans after war and have had consistent crits proc on their disarm toons. RNG baby.

Players trying to comprehend RNG:


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When it is finally revealed that accounts are marked and rng is a lie i wonder what will people say lol


Personally I got less war can drops this weekend, but consider it within usual variance

Absolutely no difference in survivor drops

Got stun on defence and stun of attack first try when making weapons for Hershel and Bruce.

Bruce been disarming those Lydia’s like a mother ■■■■■■.

Agree I’ve had less cans in depot, but always seem to have at least 90 world cans.

The fact you think something like that would ever be revealed boggles the mind and further proves my point.

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Just like the big reveal Treyarch had from a fired employee could never happen and would never happen in this game cause scopely is perfect, we get it dude

A big reveal from a disgruntled, canned employee. Nothing factual just like the rest of the trash you spout.


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I’ve been finding my stun on att weapons not working as they used, and not because of stun resist mods. But my stun resist mods on my att team aren’t proccing much at all like they used to.

Lately I’ve noticed ppl scoring 85 billion points in war and how Carl to the museum is NOT certain.


Thanks for ruining my Monday. I thought it was certain that this was the week

Lately been noticing my toons dont do any type of damage… been like this since lydia was released.

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