Things WE the COMMUNITY would LOVE to see. Informational Post


First thing is first…we the players are complaining or seem up in arms over this game because we all like playing it…here are small things outside of the huge issues that we would love to see fixed/updated in this game.

**A way to merge or migrate accounts to certain regions
**Prizes in General for ALL Events
**More Faction Tourneys/Less Solos
**Milestones that are possible to achieve, but still set high crazy milestones for those who can possible get there
**Scav Missions updated
**Prestige/Prestige crate updated
**War crates updated
**SR Depot updated
**Supply Depot updated
**Museum collections updated
**A way to use museum points
**Faction help/Defense lead separated
**Defense/Attack Team arena
**New world map stages
**Gear Maps WEEKLY
**Updated way to obtain shirts/gloves/survivors/food
**A roadmap that offers ascendance medals/Benedict’s every week
**Expand the town
**Way to convert WOOD into FOOD
**Better way to obtain refills of all kinds without purchasing them.
**Update basic token wheel, 1*s are no longer needed
**SR rewards updated
Calender is updated weekly, a calender of toons that will be ascended from 5 to 6 for that month released at beginning of month
**Incentive of some sorts for REP
*Update 4, Elite Item wheels
**Update Bronze/Silver radio roadmaps
**Weapon lock feature
**Weapons Part Roadmap every other week
**New Roadmap WEEKLY that offers an array of coins and tokens
**Weekly Roadmap of Wood, XP, etc etc. Updated
**Update Daily Missions/Reward for doing them

I have spent the morning talking to the hardcore of hardcore players I didn’t get to list everything…ill edit this periodically.

But feel free to add to.
This is for your use:
We come across crazy but we enjoy this game and we would love to continue to enjoy it but you guys need us, and whether we want to admit it or not, we need you guys!

Thanks for your time.


Good post. Thank you.

Unfortunately Developers don’t care about our opinion :unamused:


I don’t want prestige to be upgraded :new_moon_with_face::eyes:


Afraid thats not how it works. You ask for something, and they do the EXACT opposite. Faction levelup? Nah, let’s change it to solo :slight_smile: .


These kind of posts are the worst thing you can do. Information like this will be used to decide what to place the next $ sign next too.


The entire game is $$ they cant continue to go that path or it won’t matter game is over…lets try to be somewhat positive.


It won’t get better because 99% of Developers don’t even know this forum exist


Bump, since it got lost in the trash.


I would love it if we could create a wiki thread and keep it updated with information like this. I think Regulars can create wiki threads but I’m not sure if we have any regulars yet with the way the system is setup.

This is fantastic. I have a lot of these documented and we’re looking into things we can address / revamp that’s low hanging fruit also.

Thank you very much for making this thread @TheGovofPike


I don’t know what a wiki would change.

These topics are not new. Every other week there is a thread like this listing all these issues that bother players for months. Nothing happened so far.

Just to add to more points

  • one click to sell weapons for food
  • alternative to facebook login to cloud save the game (google play etc.)


Indeed. Every week for past… too long. But please add to another report that is ignored.



And please do something about unlucky accounts. I have been playing the game for more than 2 years, spend a lot of coins and money and pulled only 2 premium recruits so far… Always get the lower crates in shops…

Luck is coded in this game and like you have bugs in game, i’m shure there are bugs in nrg to.

For instance Since you bring the 1 5 * every 40 pulls, i get only 1 5 * per max pulls but only garbage toons… When Prya comes out, i did 5 max pulls and got only 4 5* and no prya :(. We need more balanced Luck!

It’ s the main reason i don’t spend real money anymore because there is no benefit from it. Only pulled garbage things


This is pure random thing brother, you can’t affect it besides doing more pulls that’s how it works unfortunately


Do you remember when people was getting plenty of 5* when doing max pulls… If it was only random, why did they change the NRG so quickly to stop it?

And you know what i pulled when people told me 5* was dropping like flys and got nothing else than 4* and 3* !

It’s coded like everything in this game and doing more pulls will only make me spend more real money for garbage. I like this game and want to compete with my teamates.

I was able to play with some “Lucky accounts” when they decided to quit the game and the pulls was “Lucky” so it’s not only ramdom in my opinion.


It would just be an easier way to update one thread as we go that houses all the most important ones as they come and go.


Great post Gov. agree with all of your points here but strongly think the war crates need upgraded. The drop rates suck for elite tokens/Aden’s/Burt’s. The thing I usually get is 50 or 75 supply depot points. This isn’t cutting it at all anymore. If you’re going to keep basic tokens and supply depot points in there, make it 300, 400, 500 worth of supply depot points each crate and make the basic tokens 10 at a time. Better yet, take them out completely!!