Things Scopely needs to change or do

Well tbh give players another chance to get the robots they are missing (for me I’m missing 2)also the lvl up milestones I just realized even when I get 735k I’m not getting not watch no radio no sheath nothing…like come on scopely 1 million for watches and radios things players need like me for example.Fix those milestones but now if you made watch radio bag 750k then I could get behind that.

the change to points makes milestones pretty reasonable. I’ve hit 2-4 million in every level up since without much trouble.

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Agreed, at this point you could get a good 500k off a few 4 stars.

If only everbody would get these missions. Lately I get ‘New Moon Fever’ and ‘Won’t back down’ daily. No matter if I skip them or not. I can refresh ‘Free Fallin’’ and ‘Out in the Cold’ all the time. But no XP mission popping up. :confused:


I’m sorry but this post highlights what is wrong with this game and forum and why Scopely just ignore everyone. So Scopely needs to change the criteria of the game precisely to adjust to what YOU personally need specifically. If you missed the robots, you missed them, that’s life. If you’re late for a plane should the entire global flight schedule be readjusted so you can get on the plane?

750k is not enough for you to get certain things right now. But this game is a gradual process. So right now this week you cant reach a certain point in level up so the entire prize structure should be changed to accommodate your particular score?

Most threads on here are people demanding and complaining about what they personally need specifically. Scopely are laughing at these forums and have switched off.

Worst thing is didnwas go from prestige 9 to prestige 10 it was with that change my you got lucky went from being a daily friend to that guy who only turns up at the wrong time, I now make sure my prestige doesn’t go higher loosing my log in streak, reduce spending to 0 as I know if my prestige goes higher I will loose out more. << the logic from a business perspective behind this is flawed I actually have to become less committed and active in order to get better.

Scrap old scav misssion there is too much filler in there and actually only have decent things in there or make it a proper ordinal cycle.

Sorry, what are you saying is linked to prestige levels? You got lucky?

I was under the impression that it was down to how many gold scav missions you had competed.

It appears once you complete x scavenger mission tbh can’t remeber which one but it is basically the last gold one that gives xp.

Then ygl is added to the pool,

However when you increase From p9 to p10 you get more scavs added this then lowers the chance of that’s appearering or one of the 5 day cool down ones, which is worse because if it expire soon behind a 5 day lock out it will request at the back of the stack (timers still are in effect when mission is not available)

There is a way to keep the other crap missions hostage (in 1 of 4 scav grounds) put a 1* in and never claim this will reduce the likely hood of them messing your game. But will mean you have 3 pointless scav grounds just sitting there. And only helps a bit not guarenteed success but does increase them odds