Things Scopely could do TODAY to improve the game


Here are a couple of suggestions that Scopely could implement pretty easily, without any extensive testing. All of these are probably just database updates.

  1. At level 100, allow us to convert an additional workshop into an armory. No level 100 player needs 3 workshops. Every level 100 player could use an extra armory, since most worthwhile upgrades take more than a day.
  2. Schedule the “Ultimate Gear Map” (the one that has rare, elite rare and ultra rare gear) to run every week on Tuesday instead of the second day of the XP map. Figure out a way to get a 6* gear map that pops up every couple of weeks.
  3. Add an extra wheel in the recruits section that runs off Epic 5* Tokens that sells ONLY ascendable characters for 20k tokens (instead of 10k).
  4. Release all of the leaked ascendable characters (Rick, Eugene, Glenn, Governor, etc.) immediately. Give us some variety! So many teams look exactly alike right now. None of those leaked characters would be game breaking.
  5. Refresh the Supply Depot. Ideally, the slots should scale with player level – I literally have no use for a compass right now, and new players don’t get value from high end items. Give us more 5* to acquire, instead of just the eight or nine that are in there now. Ascendables would be welcome here.
  6. Change the daily mission rewards! Again, scale these by player level. Give a level 100 player access to tougher missions with higher rewards. Make us win 10 raids without losing a player, but give us a duct tape or a Lilith as a reward.
  7. Scavenger Missions need a complete refresh. Some missions are so ludicrously unbalanced in terms of time vs. rewards that I can’t imagine anyone ever does them. Who needs WOOD? I might send a team out for a day for 250k food, but I would never do that for wood, which I can’t get rid of fast enough these days. Make some missions that are genuinely difficult to accomplish but give you good new rewards.
  8. Reduce the cost of the Faction Assault. Aside from certain tournaments, it’s ridiculous to think that players can earn 1350 tickets per day. At a more reasonable expection, about 700 a day, it takes almost 12 days to earn enough for a Tier 5 boss. Given the rarity of the exclusive items like Tara’s Earrings, I once calculated it would be over two years for the average player to earn Tara. How reasonable is that for a mobile game? I understand you don’t want to just give her away, so I’d be okay if it was balanced to require 3-6 months of Faction Assault before the average (neither lucky nor unlucky) player got her, but 2.5 years? Who will still be playing then?


xD 1350 is way too low. They should be at 3000 at least. I always lose interest in doing anything when the limit is hit. Levelcap is also way to low.


Totally agree with most of these. Scopely should look to fix the parts of the game collecting dust instead of adding new features. Faction assault isn’t the worst thing, but I would have rather had a revamp of territories and the supply Depot. The day basic tokens and helper tokens get reworked I will have a huge amount of faith restored.


The sad truth is that the fixes you propose are easily done. A lot of them are just about swapping the rewards - i.e. in the depot or daily missions; or simply adjusting some numbers such as the required number of faction assault tickets.
They could be done probably in an afternoon and they don’t require any complicated programming, just some minor adjustments. A few simple fixes that would keep the players content and happy. No big changes needed, just teaks and adjustments.


Couldnt agree more with this.

Workshops - i’ve never really used them
Daily rewards - basic tokens are fine at lower levels but surely we could trade them in for elite char tokens when we hit higher levels (100+?) i must have hundreds or thousands of them
Faction Assault - need more than 4 attacks a day, and cost to come down/tokens awarded rasied to make it worth while in the long run
Releasing more ascendable toons is a must, just dont forget they’re running low… :unamused:


@lanybob Number of attacks per day is based on what Tier you challenge. Tier 5 gives you six attacks.


Thats something to note then, my faction havent tackled tier 5 yet


Good points, and I agree with them Milo.

These are things that can and should be looked at, which would change up the day-to-day experience for players in a positive way. Also, as mentioned, these are really adjustments to what is already there - not whole new modules/features implemented from scratch.

I appreciate they have lots on their plate and only limited staff, but Imo, these are the ‘quick wins’ and good will gestures that let players know Scopely would still like people to continue to play, and to enjoy it.

I’m lvl125 now, and genuinely question how long I can/should go on playing without any real positives in some time (including just signs of improvement or even genuine acknowledgement that we’re being heard).

@kalishane :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I don’t see any of this ever happening, scopely most likely has investors for this game, and the only thing business men/women are interested in is money, they just want your cash and that’s it, so the only thing we should expect from scopely in the future, is more cash grab tactics, this game started off, very very fun, it’s the first mobile game I’ve ever really enjoyed but scopely is slowly killing their own creation


I don’t want to beat a dead horse. But something that could be done today that is an instant fix is to reevaluate the Milestones during level UPS.

It would be an instantaneous morale-booster. And requires nothing that is not already in the code.


It’s very easy to feel this way with how the game has spiralled this year. However, that would be a very shortsighted view by any company - you have to hope they can look far enough ahead to see these are the kinds of areas that will keep players logging in daily and playing week after week.

I’m not saying they should put everything on hold and knock out a to-do list like this ASAP, but honesty, assigning these items to one or more of the team to work on clearing just one or two a week - we’d find ourselves in a different place quite soon :slight_smile:


You must play this nonstop all day every day. 3,000? Might as well be no cap.