Thing you hate about the game the most?

For me it is the fact that revived toons always have full ar and pop instantly. Drives me insane. Especially a big old revive chain. Makes my blood boil.

Oh and a special mention for teri pop ups … just why !! Fix it


rng rng rng rng rng rng (complete sentence)


The utter lack of actual fixes for the plethora of broken things.


In game currency most games its easy to progress through with out having to convert actual $. Oh and the players…jk

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Whales that coin people to death


It’s not though.

Sinister ! I like it

The war que lag and fukn territory pop ups.


Overshooting a normal attack or undershooting a decap, ruining your life for the next 5 minutes


Thing you hate about the game the most?

It’s scipleys inability to listen to the feedback from its players and their complete lack of empathy towards us. How they are unwilling to compromise at all and meet the players halfway and come up with solutions that will make the players happy while still keeping profits growing.


This is cathartic. Good for the soul !

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They listened to the one person getting harassed on game chat And censored it.


Big Brother Scipley Bot is way up on my list of complaints as well. Right up there with non-stop territory pop-ups, war pop-ups, and that they won’t default the chat window to faction.

Oh, and how we can’t buy more than 100k in food at a time. That’s also super annoying.


That i cant have my name back in game…

The one thing I could never stomach about rts, all the damn happiness vampires * closes fridge*

  1. The Removal of all Good and Rare 4* from everythink and the same Character Pool since the Introduction of Ascendance (How am I supposed to grow more small Accounts when there’s no real diversity). Most of the Characters suck and are outdated and Yeah this matters for 4* If you collect or try to grow a Account.

  2. The Current Reward Structure (War Tokens and Level Up Rewards). I don’t need most of the Toons except for as an Example Marlon who I’m not going to get because I can’t collect Trainers due capacity and get Nothing in my Second, Third and so on Regions.

  3. The Sooooo Outdated Ascendance Tower.

  4. The SR Depot RNG. I once had Governour in there when I just bought Green LaD Ezekiel and then never again, but almost every second Week Yellow Carson looked behind Prestige 12 and I bet If I get it, he’s a gonner.

  5. This half-assed Story Maps. There was a time when there’re good. Especially the Oceanside one with the only critism I had/have about it that there are still no Toons for Aira, Isabelle, Edwards, Pious, Macallister, Hoang and so on. But Now all they do is: Fight Zombies there and Hostile Nameless Survivors here. Nobody ever died or was even in any Danger like a bite.

(This IS a Top List)


That we dont get weekly updates on whats happening or whats goi g to happen


48 hrs until the weeks raid comp is done and the points do some kind of b.s. shakeup dropping me from top 5 to somewhere close to 20 with 48 hrs to climb back up the rankings.

War tokens: if your not in the top 6, you get nothing but stuff that you can get elsewhere

Level ups: way too many, replace a level up every now and then with yawnslaught. Don’t take away a raid tourny.

RNG: needs nothing else said

Gear, gear gear: being gear locked is awful, now we have to spend our league’s tokens on Letterman’s jacket and baseball caps


Top 10 things wrong with this game in no order because they are all of equal importance

  1. Lack of gear. (5* and 6* gear)
  2. Reward structure (especially crw)
  3. Taking coins away from leagues due to " stale comp" :joy:
    4.Lack of communication to the player base in the actual game.
  4. Lack of an actual answers in the communication we do get. (For ex taking it to the team)
  5. The lack of imagination in events.
  6. Scopley doesnt have a clear idea what their player base needs or wants.
  7. Making brand new promos that could of been a legacy instead, and those toons aren’t even op.( Ex: blue lara from the crate this weekend. Her og 5* looks the exact same as a new toon created)
  8. Fixing things that arent broken (farm able og gear maps to name 1 of many )
  9. Not fixing things that matter (territories for ex)