They Weren't Lying About The Buckets Were They?

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stop whining because your faction mate pulled better shit than you smh.

its not whining its facts…

I would have to see that to believe it

is that why almost all brand new accounts can pull new promo with 250 coins they start with? .-. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

My only premier in a year was Doc, Monday and by Wednesday he was trashed by free toon Angel, scopely are so miserable that they didn’t give me a war to enjoy it

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I don’t care if people think if I’m whining, I hope everyone gets scanned

When you’re looking at odds lower than 1%, you can’t expect consistent results. For every 5 F2P players that get lucky, there might be 495 F2P players who are unlucky based on that odds.


It’s also possible he lied to you on how many pulls he did lol

Scanned and deported, then they build a wall and pay for it

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“get handed everything for nothing” wdym ? you said your faction mate is f2p right? doesn’t he grind super hard for the coins that he does pulls with ? and sorry man seemed like you were complaining to me… my apologies

A great many people claim f2p when they mean mild spender

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You cant even always trust prestige as tapjoy dont show.

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That’s not the problem, problem is why it’s always the same people, I grind a lot, it’s not about deserving cause if that was the case I deserve as much

The last 6* I pulled was red hershel in February last year

Scammed, learn how to spell.

Going by the title, no they werent lying and that is why people got refunds and why scopely was on the forums in full force, everyone on deck for damage control.

It’s also possible that the number of pulls was correct, but that same faction mate didn’t tell you about the thousand other times in the past when the pulls all yielded pure garbage. Every once in a while you might get lucky. I’ve had nearly universally bad luck, but when 6* Jeremiah was first promo’ed, I ended up drawing two of him in a single ten pull. Sure, he was never really meta, and wasn’t very useful for long, but still the odds weren’t suggesting that this should happen.

I spent on 2.99 arena tickets n balloon offers for sergio n michonne since It was my summer job money. Only spent 7.99.

Now I dont spend. Despite the fact I have hella 6* None from in offers you can buy.

All from managing to get in high level factions and more.

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