They took away Glenn's weapon?


So I’ve noticed that yellow G2 Glenn doesn’t have a set weapon anymore? I mean I don’t have him but damn




Didn’t he have a wrench or something lolol?


Yep it’s gone. Glad I didn’t try for him


wowwwwww wtf thats crazy


Wow I suppose I was one of the few peeps who noticed that. But like hot damn that’s a big ol middle finger to those who got him




Whatch lydia’s Weapon go MIA as well




I have him and he still have his weapon. Probably a visual bug.


Like this bug when Sophia was launched today


Indeed I noticed it too today, so I decided to test it.

  1. It DOES NOT appear to be a visual bug, since he has the ability to equip a weapon that is not defaulted to him.

  2. If you remove him from the team roster and put him back in, the weapon shows up, but is immediately unequipped once you save the team.

  3. The weapon does not apply its stats as shown in the photo with the profile stats in stage, as those stats are baseline with mod buffs.

  4. Teams that already have Glenn saved onto the roster before this bug appeared will still have the weapon and weapon stats applied.


Here it is, Glenn being able to equip a dagger.

Also, here is one of my old defenses with Glenn, still having the wrench equipped which supports my claim that teams already saved with him in it (prior to the bug) will retain the weapon (weapon stats also work correctly here).


It’s interesting that his model seems fine without the unique weapon. Most bound weapons have their own animation. Almost like he wasn’t intended to permanantly hold that wrench…

If it’s not a bug… this is going to be a horrible next few days… for Scopely.


Welp guys, if I get banned or crappy pulls/things from now on, y’all will know why #exposed


thats a big oof right there. Spent 300 for that glenn. wtf


Go get your refunds before they fix it. Now you have proof


His weapon was stupid to be defaulted with ab def, but this is unfair tbh


Also weird that his and Lydia’s bound weapons are the only ones that glow on plat and legendary form :thinking: