They rush no matter what!



Anyone noticed that sometimes that taunt,confuse etc doesn’t work even though the symbol exist in the character and they dont have any teammate that has an AR ,who clears them…They rush no matter what!!!


Focus maybe?


yeah I think its mods
great idea mods
a feature that makes people think there are bugs


It’s not mods, I’ve had it several times almost always with a revive, checked mods and no resist to the effect that was placed


If a toon is focused, it will still show that said toon is confused or taunted even though they aren’t. Reason for that is that if the focus ends a turn before the confuse or taunt, that said toon will be confused or taunted for the next turn


In this pic you can clearly see Jesus is taunted but threw up his shield anyway


Just happened again. Lydia, yellow Ty, magna, shield Jesus and blue michonne. None of them have focus, so it’s not focus


Strange I’ve played for a long time never had that issue, ever.


Simple, Yvette focused before you taunt


Someone rushed the turn before they actually rushed. It was 6 Star Hunter so he revived someone the turn before the rush animation (none of the other characters had revive).


Wait, focus makes you able to ignore taunt? So if you’re focused then someone taunts you, the taunt is ignored?


Yeah. Focus ignores shields, taunt, and confuse. Pretty nice to have for raids


Yvette has focus. I bet it just ran out after defending.


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