I’m not grabbing a pitchfork
I’m grabbing a shotgun
And my mp3 with pumped up kicks on


What have they done?? Can someone outline the nerf?


Stats. Check the other thread

Edit: No offence Mysterion lol


See the other thread on this topic


Ah yep just found. What a disgrace. Such poor form


can i have my stuff back i used on shawn please?

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Truth be told they can do what they want and people will still spend regardless. Recent events before this latest debacle has taught us this :man_shrugging:t3:


Seriously, wtf did you do to Shawn?
Just horrible, really.




Shawn could turn 1 or turn 2 these new promo teams so he had to be adjusted to free for all stats. Now he is average compared to what’s that a Zach promo is up? Wow what a surprise…


He isn’t being adjusted


Why change Zach he is making them a butt load of money.


Zach wasn’t changed or nerfed, as it was moreso maim, in general, that wasn’t working appropriately with Guardian.


My comments were not directed at the Zach fix. They were towards the Shawn nerf of a toon that was deadly against him. Nerf Shawn and out up a Zach promo to get people to buy him. It’s a win win for Scopley


You said “why change Zach” so there’s that confusion there.

Shawn isn’t getting nerfed, it was a temporary bug that’s getting fixed.

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Why’d you bring Zach in then? I was referring to Shawn, same as you


Zach active skill was decreased


Wasn’t that an AI change so he’d lean more to not using it > using it, as opposed to a value change?

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I personally would call that a nerf, but I know others would consider it a buff.

I forgot about that as I was focused on the Shawn vs Zach vs Guardian aspect. Kudos.


Waiting for ppl defend this retarded shit